Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring and the Crazies!

For Christmas Grandma Marian got me my first bird feeder- which is totally crazy because I adore birds and their little feeders, so finally at 28 with the help of my bird loving grandmother (who is arguably the fount from whence my obsession stems...) I got my very own!
Anyway. I hung my feeder right when we got home from Savannah- and it took this Brave New Birdie upwards of 20 days to finally find it! I called Grandma and she said that he is a wild canary and he is my little friend. He comes to visit with a little friend every once in a while. A few others have also stopped by, but my feeder has yet to become the happening joint I'm hoping for...but I have faith!

And check this out! My hyacinths are popping up. Now you may say- but it's only February! To which I say- HA! I KNOW!! I LOVE ALABAMA!!

Aren't they cute?!

This little guy decided late January was as good a time as any to bloom- he's the only one so far, but I admire his go-get-it attitude!

Kiki adopted the little hand puppet Grandma Betsy gave Jence for her own. They were sitting together like this when I came into the room the other day...

Aaaand no joke, she did this by herself. She discovered that one side of the binky is chewy, and wouldn't let it go.

Jence is into arranging his cars carefully and artfully. This is the same little man who tonight pulled out the My First Book of Mormon and the My First Easter story and said, "Which one, Jesus, or Jesus?"

He has taken to playing in the backyard. And by playing I mean this. Standing staring at the fence. For long periods of time. But before you get nervous for us all-

Occasionally the kids next door pop a head over to get a visual along with their conversation.