Monday, May 23, 2011


We are getting ready to go down to Virginia again in a few weeks, so I had better get this last trip up before they pile up on me...

Grandma Mary Lou and Lynette came out to visit before Ron takes his leave of VA, so we drove down to meet them. Luckily there were still marshmallows available for the marshmallow guns by the time we got there!

It took a lot of practice (and marshmallow fallen casualty to Jensen's mouth) but he got the hang of it and did really well in the end.

Action shot, see that thing heading right for the dog.

And bouncing off the swingset...

Betsy realizing that the dogs have seated themselves in line with the humans...

Loading up- this went on for really quite some time- the shooting, not the loading.

Duke, pondering what joys will be his once he develops the coordination to aim and blow without spitting too much... and sit up...

The shoot it straight up game was a popular one...

The audience getting a little restless...


Jensen was a big fan of "crack the egg", which coincided perfectly with Easter and the eggs that were found then, as well as the movie Land Before Time (w/ the dinosaurs debuting out of eggs) and the nest outside one of our has been all about eggs around here recently. I actually found a "nest" on the floor in the living room between the ottoman and the sofa containing for or five eggs pilfered from the refrigerator... explanations were futile, but the object lesson Jensen taught himself when he dropped one on the kitchen floor while traipsing them back to the fridge was worth the mess- that he got to clean up.

Grandma is always a good one to get rowdy with.

Of course we had to roast hot dogs and marshmallows (not the spitty ones...) This is Jensen "cooking" his hotdog.

Wonder of wonders, Jensen (upon threat of no marshmallows) ate a hot dog!

I love this one. Grandma and Jence seemed to do very well together- as you will see more of later.

Duke, bundled up for the chilly day.

Does it count as "Baby's first campfire cookout" when he didn't eat?

Back to Jence actually eating- I'm so proud...

A brief sweet moment between the crazies.

More eating!?


I had a lot of fun getting to catch up with Lynette- I was glad we got the chance.

And finally I got to put down the camera/extension-of-my-arm and roast some marshmallows- a true love of mine....
I love this kid-

D, making the rounds.

And as everyone made their way back to the house I remained. I am dedicated to my craft.

Duke had his first highchair experience...

Grandma's trip was scheduled for the cherry blossom festival, so we went up to see them, which was fun for me because in all the years I've been visiting DC I've never gotten to see it.

My responsible little citizen.

Jence and Ellie could have sat there forever watching the "birds that turn into ducks" as Jensen put it. (Seagulls)

Gpa telling the kids not to get too close to the railingless edge. ("I mean, I'll jump in if I have to, I just really don't want to."

D, in his bottom-dweller seat in the stroller.

We got to take a boat ride up the Potomac to see the sights- it was such a fun, new way to see the city.
Duke, eating my sweater.

Why does the cheeto "cheese" have to be neon orange? And why is it a prerequisite to being a kid that you have to love that day-glow treat? More than anything though, Jensen loved that the planes heading to Reagan International flew right above us.

One more historic nursing location to add to my collection...

Jensen loved the ride- I'm glad because he has been known to fear water- but he did fabulously.

The boys with Grandma.

I'm so gad we got to see her- she made our trip so fun, especially with how great she was with Jensen.

That has always been my favorite thing in DC.

I love my boys. I'm having a nice time these days, just trying to enjoy them where they are now.

Lynette and the squish. He loooves people who love him!

Grandpa and Lynette having an impromptu baby fight...

A good grandpa up there.

I love this sequence- here we have Jence lounging with Grandma, talking her ear off, I'm sure-

Then he becomes a dog and she gets to hold his apple for him while he eats it- dogs don't have hands, you know.

And, so patient, she continues to hold it for him for whenever he's ready to get back to it.

But he needs to talk first...

And playing on the steps.

And rolling down the hill (which would have never happened if he had seen an ant first...)

And D, sleeping it up in his seat.

And finally the blossoms!

Jensen likes Duke, but he's still not all about the touchy stuff- so my insistence that they get a brothers picture was met with indifference.

I'm trying to remember what we bribed him with, but there was obviously quite a bounty on the line, because he arose to the occasion quite well.

Sticks. Doggies play with sticks. Lots of sticks apparently...

Watching the helicopter.

And we returned to find dog "shenanigans" in the works!