Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Revelation!

Everyone has always said that Jensen is a carbon copy of his daddy- which I love because, well frankly, I think the man is incredibly good looking. But today my mom pointed out something that made me so happy! She mentioned that she thought that he looked like me- but we couldn't remember because we don't have any pictures around of me as a child due to circumstances beyond our control. But I remembered I have a few saved on my computer and we pulled them up. And look! He does! My baby looks like me too!

He he!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Jensen!

The sparkle eyed little birthday monkey

I thought we would start with the whole cake process... I've posted way too many pictures of this for anyone to be really that interested, but believe me, I whiddled the selection down a great deal...
We sang Happy Birthday and then Momma helped blow out the candle, considering that not only does he not know how to blow, he wouldn't have been able to reach up that high anyway. He is laughing at me here because as it turned out, I had a hard time getting that little sucker out too...
Going for it... I (and everyone else) was nervous that he wouldn't be able to get to the cake through the fondant...
we worried in vain...
This was the best part of the whole thing- he has recently learned that, "yay!" means clap. After every bite he stopped to clap us into a chorus of "Yay, Jensen!" Hilarious. I've decided to include a sampling of the clapping, just to give you the true flavor of the day.

Trying it again...
Here he is saying "more" by touching his fingers together (you can see him in action on youtube).

....and Yay!!

...and Yay!

He looooved the little green balls around the bottom and probably ended up filling himself with those. He seemed to like them more than the cake.

...and Yay!

...and Yay!

Can you believe it? That's it. The extent of the damage. He was done. All that cake and Jensen Garner stopped here. The wonders never cease...

Momma and the Birthday Boy at the "circus"
Gramps and Jence inside the circus tent.

I thank Heavenly Father every day for this sweet little boy. What a wonderful year I have had with him.
Jence shied away from a friend's daughter, Bethany's advances...
Some of the details....

Grandpa flew his US Army flag for Alex.

We had quite a few games to play. Jensen seemed to favor fishing. He worked with that rod for a long time...
Then went for a more practical approach...

Which seemed to pay off.

Liz and her cotton candy.
Kennedi Hamner and her sunglasses.

Loved this one. He just chatters away making all sorts of faces.

Jence with the dart game.

As the afternoon wore on a lot of us switched the venue from the patio to the pool. Here it appears that we are actually in the pool, but really...

We are trying to ease our way closer. Jence isn't too fond of the water anymore as he was because of too many water in the face experiences.

Kennedi didn't mind the water though in her inaugural pool adventure.

Kiki and Grandma's Ichi "enjoying" their cruise.
We've arrived at Jensen's actual birthday, Sunday morning. This is him with his birthday banana.
After breakfast we opened the presents we had been too beat to open at the party. He helped a little, though sometimes he reminds me of Kiki with his wariness. And after every present....

...and Yay!
...and Yay!
...and Yay!

...and Yay!

And a big Yay!! from Momma!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped and came to this psychotic event!!!