Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome Home Duke

Grandma Chrissie, Jence, and Kiki were waiting in the driveway to welcome Duke to his new home.

I still don't know who put this cute little bow on our mailbox. We have some sweet friends.

Kiki had to be formally introduced to her newest charge.

Duke brought Jensen a present- a tool set!

Which was very wise of Duke because Jence was in seventh heaven all morning and didn't mind all the attention on the little one- not that he has minded since either.

Daddy has been doing some upgrades in the house lately, and Jence has been helping so this was right up their alley.

Grandma Chrissie stayed for about a week and was such a big help! She has such a wonderful ability to anticipate needs. She kept the Mr. with her for the nights she was here and brought him to me when he was hungry, she helped us get the house organized to show, she kept the laundry clean, and she made plenty of treats!

Kiki always finds the lap with the baby on it- she likes to find mine when I'm nursing...

Jence got a little closer to his brother.

He thinks he's cute and he says he is glad to have him, but still no touching...

We got some good footprints...

the hands, not so much... but I adore this picture because of the matching look on of our faces, so intent on our little job. It would seem that married couples do start looking alike...

Completely satisfied after lunch with his little hands crossed. He is always knocked out after a meal- or part of a meal...

And a day or so later we have contact! Jence gave him a kiss-- on the promise of a piece of Halloween candy... we're such good parents... note he is still not touching him with his hands...

"Great Grandma" and Grandpa came over to meet monkey #2, and while they were here we celebrated Grandma's birthday so that Jensen could share birthday cake with her.

Oh, the anticipation...

This was followed promptly by three more rounds of candle blowing, with increasing quantities of spit on each.

We have reached a conclusion- while he is asleep he looks just like Jensen-

But when he is awake he looks like Duke!

We think he is great!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introducing Duke Danger Garner

Duke was born at 9:31 am on November 6, 2010 at Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, GA. He weighed a tiny (for us) 8 lbs 12oz, and was 21 in long.
And yes, Danger really is his middle name.
Here we are- the first family photo after Duke joined us. Jence was enthralled with his huge apple that morning- so you will note it is prominently featured hereafter.

The proud Daddy.

Jence was excited to meet "Baby Duke" but was an absolute no go on touching/hugging/kissing the new little friend.

I don't think he ever touched him that first day.

Ummm- think they are related?

Grandma Chrissie got to be there for Duke's arrival- which was wonderful.

Later that evening we got our first boy chill time in front of the TV.

This is the next day- the first time that Jensen touched him- with one finger, on the forehead.
See the joy...

And here we have a bunch of little shots of the man of the hour.

Jence brought him a moose to sleep with.

After what felt like a week (and was really only about 50 hours) we got to get ready to come home from the hospital.

I was expecting roughly two more pounds of baby, (he was down to 8 lbs 4 oz here) so everything I have is a bit oversized... hehe...