Monday, April 30, 2012


We found a U-pick strawberry farm super close to our house (which is fabulous because while it is fun to pick- it is NOT fun to drive home forever after picking!)

My little strawberry man. He is such a sweetheart.

 Can you see that mug? He's giddy.

 It was all he could do to look at the camera- he wanted to dive right in.

 And speaking of diving!

 This little man was ready to eat strawberries. And eat he did!

 I know you can't see his face- but I know what he looks like- and he's excited!

 I think he was really jazzed that these amazing snacks were just growing on plants- and low plants at that; ones he could reach!


 Oh the deliciousness! Note Jensen in the back....

 pick pick picking....

 My strawberry boys.

 Trying to get a picture around the eating! There are about 10 of these....

Best we got...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Alex had to go to San Antonio for a two week training for his new job (in the Army- still army, no craziness here yet folks.) So we loaded everybody up and the boys and I went to stay with my sister Jes and her family, Tony and B! We were all excited but I think Jensen was the most so. He talks about Basil aaaall the time. ("Oh, Basil is such a cutie.")

Grandma Chrissie was at our house when we got ready to go and made the boys trip bags. (A bunch of bags that they get to open periodically through the trip) These were the first surprises- whatever works, I suppose...

Alex came up for both weekends- and we had fun!

 We did a crawfish boil for Easter! It was super fun-

 It was the first time I got to eat at a crawfish boil because the only other one I attended (at Jessica's wedding) I was pregnant and sick and there was no way I was going to eat!

 This time it was delicious- granted, I only ate one crawfish...

 We did it as Jes' friend's house. They have Tucker. Tucker is enormous!

 Duke was all for eating new and exciting things!

 Tucker too...  Jensen? Not so much...

 These little monkey boys are getting so big!

 They make me laugh- look at those expressions!

 This one was still alive-

 Didn't seem to matter to D...


 Duke trying to ride Tucker- of course...

 On Jes' street there was a huge church with an announcement screen on it that said they were having a neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning- so we went.

 It was Duke's first egg hunt.
And it was super cute!

We got there juuuust in time for the toddler hunt, I was afraid we would miss the eggs. Oh, so not the case! There were so many eggs Duke didn't seem to grasp their importance... 

And grew slightly bored and found something else to do...

 Basil enjoyed the egg hunt!

 And then there was Jensen.
 He was very excited as he geared up for his turn...

 While my back was turned watching Jensen, Duke got his first candy. Ever. Grrr.
 He liked it.

 Jensen is going through a Spiderman phase. Looves him some Spiderman.

 He thought this was the coolest thing ever!

 We got to go to Sea World the last day of Alex's class. I was so sure the boys would love it- and I was RIGHT!! (Noooot always the case my friends....)

 The first show we went to was called Azul which was a bit like Cirque du Soliel and both of them were spellbound! It was so sweet!

 See the "wooooow!" on Jensen's face.

 And D clapped- so cute!

Later we went to see Shamu. (look at D's legs...)

 We got a bit wet. Jensen was nooooot happy! (Honestly Jence, it took all my willpower to be cool with it. Getting wet at theme parks is at the top of my No-Thank-You-List!!)
Just today as we were sitting in the car waiting for Alex to do something Jensen said to me- "Mom, next time we go to Sea World, let's not go to the wet show where they splash all over you- let's just go to the beautiful show." I'm with him!

 Duke loooved the fishies.

 (Wouldn't even turn to look at the camera)


 Then came the dolphin. We tried to steer him toward a shamu or something, but he had fallen in love. The antics through the store and then the parking lot with this dolphin were hilarious!

 Summed up by this. I turn around in the car and...
What a nut.
 Jes and I took the boys on a little train ride. We had built it up and Jensen was so excited- he wanted to go so bad!

Then, three minutes into the ride he started asking if he could play a game on my phone... oh well.

 I have heard wonderful things about the Austin Children's Museum so I really wanted to get the boys there- and I did.

 All the kids really liked it.

 Look how big he is! It's so crazy to me, especially when you get him next to that little munchkin!

 Little bees in their hive...

 No Kikis were harmed in the making of this picture.
He looooves her and we have to provide a lot of supervision so that he doesn't love her a little too much...

 Jensen got a dinosaur egg while we were out one afternoon-

 It turned out to be quite the endeavor to get the dinosaur out...

 We all took our turns scraping at it- it was funny and kept him busy, which means it was a success.

 There was a wonderful pool at Jes and Tony's apt- The boys loved it.

 I'm so mean- I never put in the dang quarter. So they just sat there. For quite some time. And loved it. Simple pleasures, right?

 We are all in love with Basil. Good grief, look at that mug!

 Al and the boys and I took Jes and B to our favorite mexican restaurant in San Antonio. They make fabulous tortillas- B was a fan!

 As was D. :)

 Aaahaha- B at our little picnic in the park.

 Jensen as Spiderman!

 Duke at a boutique... those legs don't belong to anyone I know...

 The reason he was obsessed with the bottom shelf- see the little baby down there? The owner of the shop thought the whole thing was the funniest thing she had ever seen- so we didn't get kicked out... Though when Basil grabbed a huge glass bowl filled with hair accessories and sent it crashing into the floor, pelting her mother's feet with shrapnel, we didn't get kicked out either, so people were just nice I think...
 Jensen and B.  It's nice to see him be nice to somebody's baby, if not mine...