Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ever wonder what happened in April...?

Here we have about 50 pictures of Jes' wedding. I mostly posted so many because she hasn't seen these yet- and I finally got around to editing them, so Merry Christmas Jes.
This one is my favorite of the whole thing.

My studly husband waiting to go into the San Antonio temple. Jes and Tony were living in Austin, where we all met up for the shim-dig, and drove to San Antonio that morning for the ceremony.

Skipping to the end- there they are-

They had quite the crowd waiting.

Awww- "stisters"... and the debut of a new tattoo... at least to me... weirdo....


Not so happy...

With a bit of crazy for good measure...

The Jensen kids. It was fun to be all together.

And this was neat to me- I haven't seen a picture of all these people together for a long time!

W/ Grandma and Bapa

W/ Momma and Grandma

Hehe. He's getting so big! What a monkey.

The bit of photoshoot I was allowed.

That's the window of the room they were sealed in.

Mah baby and me.
Alex started saying, "eeeeww" after kisses- at which I threatened his life. I told him the second my son said one of my kisses were "eeww" he was a dead man. Oh don't worry- he now says it about half the times I kiss him. At least he still does it....

Another of my personal favorites-- the pre-walk-down-the-isle-prep.

Dad "giving her away"...though she was already married at that point. Details...

Exchanging vows.
Another great moment. This is right after Jence brought the rings up (a taaad prematurely), and he is looking at his dad for what to do next. He was promised cake if he walked the rings up to Jes and was a bit put out that Jes didn't offer it to him immediately....

We got some "bridals" in after the ceremony.

Liz outdid herself taking this pretty picture.

Jence appeared to like the crawdads. Note Heather and Ephraim were able to come over for the par-tay.

Crawdads awaiting a boiling death... in a salt bath that makes them puke... on ice, just to make the shock that much more exciting...

Think he's warming up to them?

This kills me- Max and Ezra were all over investigating these little critters, all the while Jence held on tight to daddy with this look on his face.

The main event- the crawdad boil. I tried a potato that was delicious, but I wasn't in an enough of an un-nauseated place to actually eat...


Jes getting things started. I think she actually tried to get her dress dirty, though in the end she only had one little spot on her.

Dad and all his brothers- I love this one.


The delicious cake from the 24 hr Mexican bakery- the one with the neon Madonna on the sign.

Aaaand what event would be complete without another picture of Jensen wanting cake...? He was actually a very happy camper after he fiiiiinally got some.