Sunday, April 4, 2010


Growing up in the Jensen household the Easter Bunny brought empty baskets (with grass) and left candy all over the family room for us to gather. Now, I remember E.B. being very generous with the candy- it was closely (and evenly) spaced all over everything- like the above picture (and E.B. probably would have left a few goodies along the top of the pictures as well). This little table is where E.B. started at our house-- and then realized that he wasn't providing candy for 5 Jensen kids ranging in ages from 2-14, rather one sugar crazed two year old. So he slowed it down after that...

The Easter Bunny would bring hats to the Garner's house (which I think I explained last year...) This was our first year combining the two traditions.

(see- he slowed down on the candy a bit)

Daddy is pointing out Jence's hat/basket. (I think that Al was excited- he didn't know the Easter Bunny brought him a hat too.)

Oh boy- Hershey Kisses are his favorite.

Convincing him to put the Kisses in the basket instead of his mouth took a little time.

There's the excitement...

And he's got it down.

Peeps at the top of picture/door frames will always be Easter to me.

Al found his treat...

I guess the door frames are a little high when you're two.

He found his chocolate bunny.

Get 'em all Jence! Double fisting...hehe.

Daddy trying to get the stickers off his hat, but that didn't stop him from grabbing at his pile.

His haul.

Aaaand trying to get him to go eat some breakfast before he ate any more chocolate.


Peeeeeps! (After breakfast)

And on Saturday we dyed our eggs...

The first one goes in...

Oh, this is going to be good!

Getting the hang of it...

And with the confidence surge comes resistance to daddy's help... (look at Al's "noo" face).

Love the lips.

And the first one out- that was a surprise!


Pretty colors.

Momma helping getting the eggs out to dry- again, the "no" face in response to the "do-it-myself-face".


Alex was nervous that this would be too much of a headache with the monster- but we had a lot of fun.

He loved the colors and was convinced that they now would be yummy to eat... perhaps the vinegar solution changed them to chocolate?

Waiting for them to dry....

Blowing on them to help them dry... or cover them in spit....

And now the stickers. He was so careful where he put them- so cute.

Daddy helping.
We had a wonderful Easter (which included an egg hunt in the back yard, which I will post later because I'm not super woman...;) and wish well to you and yours!