Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jensen at the White House

We had the privilege to go on a private tour of the White House decorated for Christmas. It's the only time that you are allowed to take photographs.

Here are Jensen and I standing at the front door.

Jensen, Kandi Mauchley, Grandma Betsy and me in the dining room.

In front of the Christmas Tree

And the flag.

Grandma, Grandpa, Momma, and Jence in front of the portrait of G. Washington that Dolly Madison saved while evacuating the White House before the British burned it.

But for all the neat things we saw Jensen was the most intrigued by the string on his hat...

Here's Kiki being a good big sister and letting her little brother pull her hair. She is so good to him.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This was taken right after we had a fit while putting on our socks...

We bought his first pair of shoes this month- blue Converse. This was the first time he wore them.
Jensen can sit! This was the first time that he really sat for a good period of time.

Relaxin' in bed. He is somewhat of a glutton (okay, not somewhat) and when he gets food in any form he won't give it up.
I kept taking pictures of him while he was crying and when the light would come on he would get a funny look on his face...

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Jensen was a turtle for his first Halloween.

Alex and I had a longstanding joke that we would dress the two kids the same for Halloween- I couldn't not do it. So we had two turtles.

He wiggled around until he upended himself on his shell.

Tow turtles on the road for candy.

At house #4 Jence was officially done trick or treating. It was fun for me that he got to go around the neighborhood where I grew up- everyone was excited to meet him.

Jensen made out like a bandit, and was happy to be home.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Northern Trails

Jensen and I went to my sister's house to carve pumpkins.

The whole gang.

I don't know.

Jensen on one of the bunks of the Mayflower. I have since burned those clothes...

Jensen and Grandma Chrissie in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth MA.

After the Mayflower we went to Plymouth Plantation to "experience" life in the colony. Jensen found a homemade basket.

Some of the ladies from 1620. Don't worry, they wash their clothes once a month- I asked.

It looks like a cute place to eat, but if you're heading to Plymouth, you needn't bother. Though I like this lobster.

We saw Paul Revere's house in Boston

Jensen was so good through the whole trip.

Jence is starting to understand the need for Halloween.

The two of us at Niagara Falls.

Jensen as Yoda on the Canadian strip at Niagara. I wondered what the Pilgrims would say about the area- it's so gaudy.

We went whale watching in Cape Cod. We saw tons of them, it was really fun...and chilly...and wet...

Jence bundled up for his ocean adventure.

I decided to go ahead and feed him some cereal before bed because he had been waking me 3 and 4 times a night to eat- I was getting a liiiittle beat. This is his "first" feeding, ( really only a ceremonial first- he's already had chocolate, ice cream, cream cheese, bread, pretzel, and who knows what else thanks to grandma and his aunts.)we had no trouble with the spoon, by the end he was bouncing up and down and lounging at the spoon and the cup.

And soon he wanted to do it himself. I fear it's the beginning of the end.

This is the second time. We were old pros.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Grandma, Jence, Kiki and I took a trip to Kentucky. Kiki got tired of her seat on top of the cooler.

We went to the Art Fair in Louisville. The picture was supposed to illustrate how bored Jence looked, thus reassuring dad and grandpa Ron that living with so many girls is having no adverse affect on his manhood- but he smiled for the camera.

Jence enjoys a little kangaroo ride. We both love the pouch method of "pleeeeease don't put me down!" time.

I couldn't resist...

Daddy sent flowers for Momma's birthday.

Apparently they tasted delicious.

Uncle Terry gave Jensen a burp cloth turban, which he modeled for Grandpa.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun in Ohio

Aunts Becky and Tia got Jensen a jumper that he loves...though I'm worried that it might be teaching him to hit rather than jump because the lights and sounds go off when he does either, and he seems to prefer the former...

Momma and Jence on the tramp in Gramps' backyard.

Just chillin' like a big boy.

Bless you!

Finger chewing, a old favorite.

Gramps put a yellow ribbon out front of the house for Alex.