Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jensen and Kennedi started a band while we visited them in North Carolina. It was so nice to have time with good friends, Jen and her family have been so good to us over the years!

They cracked me up- Jensen dancing all over with the Hannah Montana guitar and Kenna rocking out on her drums.

Bathing Duke is a bit taxing- here we have both him and Jen wracked out after a particularly poopy episode.

Crossing the street on the way to the park...

Jence chooses random times to get a bit timid- the log bridge was apparently insurmountable on his feet- knees are safer. Now you know....

Lunch and no clean-up, can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

Man, I like this kid...

And he likes faces- yummy.

hehe. Bumbo kid.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We threw Jes a little baby shower before they went out of town. We did it in Bucca Di Beppo in the Pope room, as everything must be properly officiated.

I made a diaper cake for her- which is adorable, if I do say so myself. And I do.

This side is Jensen's contribution.

Once Jes arrived Jensen started in on asking for the cake.


Kookie was very surprised and very happy about our little get together.

Crisis averted...

Duke puke in the mouth. One of Becky's favorite things...

My boys love their aunts.

And butter... that is a whole individually wrapped pat...

So, I personally think that I am a genius, (don't tell me that you've seen it done before, I don't want to hear it). The diaper cake was decorated with flowers- as you saw- and each of the flowers was a headband. So cute!

Trying on the headbands. Looks good to me... though I don't think Jaimie agrees.

Jensen asked Jes' friend Heather what "that" was. Hilarious. She sputtered for a while before I said that it was an angel. Later he told me that it was in fact a peepee. Stinker.

Jensen's new silly face. Kind of freaky when caught on film...

Jensen got to help Kookie open presents... he is going to be a bit put out when Duke and Jes's little one are big enough to be competition to the only grandchild...

Hiding the Toblerone from little eyes.

RUFFLES from Jensen

And rumba tights from me!

Emily acted as the coat rack

Again, Jence had to help with everything. At least he wasn't upset that the presents weren't for him...

Fiiiinally he got the cake.

Happy now for a moment.

Duke laughing at Gramps.

Deep thoughts.

And finally, the Pope blessed the cake, so we are all good.

Sunday, April 3, 2011