Saturday, May 5, 2012


It was brought to my attention that I mentioned that I don't know if we live in KY or in TN- but I didn't mention how that is possible....
Ft Campbell is a huge army post that sits right on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. We live on the Tennessee side, but the post office on post is in Kentucky; therefore all post addresses are KY addresses. 

We tooootally lucked out in our housing assignment. We knew we wanted a single family house.  There are a lot of really nice new houses on post, but they are all duplexes. I have three very noisy boys. I did NOT want to share a wall and my noise with someone. It would have stressed me out.
We were offered a single older houses and one of the bigger, more updated, "pretty" duplexes.
We jumped at the single house! We were jazzed that we got what we wanted. Then we got to post and took a look and realized that our house was one of eight in 4,400 houses that fit our single house criteria! (Available to our rank) Amazing!! We were really excited then! 
Then we saw it! It's burried back in the back of post, is backed by woods and has a giant yard.

And we have lots of friends! Deer friends, that is. As I was taking the picture of the house tonight to put up, I noticed they were watching me. 

They hang out in the back yard almost every evening. Even we are outside. (See them back there? It's kind of hard to see them- like I said, the yard is huge.)

And once we go in for the evening they check out what all the kids may have left in the yard...

These kids.  
There are about a billion and three of them that seem to think our yard is the fun yard. I've always wanted to have the fun house... but then I realized that after all the kids got through with it, there was a reason Pinocchio's Pleasure Island looked the way it did! Holy destruction, Batman!

But they have fun... we shall see if Al and I have as much fun refereeing this summer....

We went to a festival downtown Clarksville the other day (an abnormally cold day!)

Duke and I shared a brat.

He wanted to eat the sauerkraut off the foil...

Ergo; sauerkraut all over his face.

He loves real people food. He ate part of my stake tonight... while Jensen cried that he had to eat five whole bites of his macaroni and cheese...

Mr J loved the big slide...there was one next to this one that was the sinking Titanic... does that seem morbid to anyone else..?

D wasn't so sure when it was his turn to play in the bouncy house....

 Until his brother joined him.

One of the most wonderful parts of living where we do is that we only live 3.5 hours from my Grandma and Grandpa's house in KY! It's been my vacation house for my whole life, and it makes me so happy to see my babies swimming in the same pool (even if Grandpa did take out the diving board...)
This proximity is especially wonderful when you take my and my husband's personalities into account. We are a mite spontaneous.
So last weekend was kind of the norm when on Thursday evening (I believe right after I took the picture of all the monkeys in the yard up there) Al goes- "Wanna go see your grandparents tomorrow?"
So we did.

We had a wonderful time and I swore I was going to take pictures...and I didn't.

It just so happened that one of my favorite people had a baby about four days before we got there, and Jensen and I got to go see him!

Jensen got to come because new big brother, Parker, needed some play time!

Jensen is still mad that Parker doesn't live in Tennessee (that's what we claim- for the record-that we live in Tennessee).

Here is the newly debuted little Grant, sleepin' so sweetly on me.
I had a wonderful time talking to Suzy, his momma. I wish they lived in TN too.

Next time I will be sure to take pictures of all the antics at Grandma and Grandpa's- feeding the fish, playing with toys, lots of pool time this summer, and the big activity this trip- we brought the boys bike and scooter and bought daddy a ripstick! Oh they had some fun! And as always, it was wonderful to just be there with them. We all love them so much.

This is our trip home. Jensen's treat is a cherry limeade, as there happens to be a Sonic on our way in and our way out.

 Duke was diggin' his goldfish...

 Really diggin'.

Kiki's perch.

Jensen trying not to smile...


Now, here's a little story for you:
The other day Jensen was outside with the little boy (7 yrs old- please recall that Jence is 4) they play all the time, and do very well together, but Alex was watching through the window as Jensen reached out and purposefully touched his little fingertip to the grill that was cooking our dinner! Jensen is quite (overly) careful about things that will hurt, so we were floored at this particular action. (Seriously, if you had given me a list of 80,000 things that were going to happen in that moment, Jensen touching something hot was quite the last)
Come to find out, little neighbor boy told him to do it. He said no. Little boy said that he would take back one of his toys if Jensen didn't touch the grill. Now, for Jensen, I can imagine the wheels turning. Bodily harm (a 10 on the horror list) or no toy (also a 10) and this was a sticky frog (priceless).
He now has a blister on his little pointer finger.
I am hoping that it's a small price for a very big lesson; that if his friends jump off a bridge...

This was when we picked them up from the kid's club at the gym today. Almost every time that we get there they are playing together (?!) Cutest thing in the world- well, second cutest. First is their faces when they look up and see us.