Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Zoo

Jensen and I drove down to Akron, where my dad works, a few days ago to call him off work and go to the Akron Zoo. It's a small and very well maintained zoo, and we had a wonderful time.
Watching the penguins.Gramps had the camera and liked this leaf...hehe.

We only really got excited when we got to the snow leopard (who apparently has to live in the mountains so no one will know how feeble his roar is...)

Mr leopard came down while Jensen ate his Taco Bell- does that make me a bad mom?- to watch the other kids with him.

The ducks seemed as curious about this two headed monster as it was about them.

The turtle showed it's legendary wisdom by staying just out of reach...
Jensen thinks that riding on shoulders is an excellent time to practice the bongos.

Jence and Gramps by the sheep.

It's a bit hard to see, but he was very excited.

Three bald and one blind...

Taking a break in a frontier village for some grub.

Riding a frog.
Riding a caterpillar.
Riding the fence...

They had a wonderful Jellyfish exhibit, (which Jensen hated) and we got to pet starfish afterward.

And color...

And do the obligatory share gesture, which is always promptly followed my the "no, mine!" gesture...

Climb a rock wall...or at least look at a rock wall...

By the end he was ready to strike off on his own- yes, with no shoes, he decided earlier that they were unnecessary.

He did have to make some stroller pit stops for a drink.

And seeing how everything is better with a little pink in it, we rounded off our trip with the flamingos.

He looks thrilled, doesn't he? (He looks like his Daddy.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walker, Jensen Ranger

Okay- so there are only a few pictures of him walking- at the very end, but I can vouch that he is all over the place... On the move.

Mom now makes him wear shoes- but he gets frustrated that I won't let him do it himself.

Photo shoot practice.

I put these up mostly for Al. He loves houses- so when I showed up to take pictures of Lizzie pre- homecoming at a friend's grandparent's house I couldn't resist taking pictures of the facilities- aaaand, by the way, there was a Bentley in the garage and I MISSED it! I saw the garage door open and cars inside, but I was preoccupied with Jensen and was only informed of my missed photo op post facto by dad.
That's a piano on the balcony and a step down bar below it.

Front door.
Out back. (There was also a Tiki Bar, and a boat dock back there too.)

These two pictures are here in case anyone doubted the genetic link between myself and my little clone- er, sister.

Jensen (the life of the party) with Lizzie's (amiable-sometimes) ex-boyfriend, his good friend.

We went to Kentucky to see Grandma and Grandpa- we had a lot of fun.
Here he is, looking for something-

Op! There it is, a way up to the bed. Grandpa was impressed- he wanted Jence to teach Ichi (their dog) how to do it

Jence helped Grandpa fix the tractor.

And then went for a joy ride.

And speaking of joy rides. He decided it was time to drive.


Out back Jensen was all over the place. I thought this stair sequence was pretty funny, with all the spotters.

King of the Mountain
With a fence this kid could be happy for a lifetime.

Another favorite activity- throwing the ball.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day...& Memorial Day

When I got the Labor Day pictures off my mom's camera I happened across the pics from last Memorial Day as well! I can't say I'm too sad at how time flies! I thought I would post both holidays together.

For Labor Day Mom, Kerrie, Jence and I went to the Great Lakes Science Center. Our family is always game for the Science Center. The air show was going on outside, so we got to see some of the planes over the Rock Hall. We ended up having to come and go a bit to keep the Monster happy- that is until we went upstairs to the Polymer Play Place! Boy oh boy, do we like us a play place!
We are walking these days...sometimes. Jensen has his own way of doing things. No one can make him walk. He will crawl around all day until he decides he wants to get up- then away he goes. I've stopped trying to work on it with him- in favor of keeping my sanity.

Now Capt'n Jence had a mighty fine crew...

This sequence made me laugh... Here we have the initial placement in the balls (which he loooved- couldn't figure out how to get enough of them in his hands...)
And a minute later and a few inches lower...

Oh heck- it's up to my neck.

And on to Memorial Day.

We made hobo dinners on the grills by the lake after we watched Lizzie in the Bay Memorial Day parade- (a community staple). Looking back I'm amazed to see the Monkey eating a carrot- no veggies these days!
Waiting for lunch.
Apparently Jes didn't realize the picture was being taken...

Flexi- baby.