Friday, March 2, 2012

Kentucky! Or TN... wherever we live...

Al got home on Jan 10th- finally.
I was all ready to pick him up from the airport- knew my timing, outfit, hair, makeup. I worked out that morning and just stayed nasty; I was going to shower after I put the boys to bed in their clothes (Al was scheduled to get in at 9:30, boys go to sleep at 7pm).
Right before bedtime I got a call from Alex that his flight was cancelled.  Not delayed. Cancelled. In Detroit. Two hours away.
I told Jensen, who cried. Sweet boy.
I had been thinking for a long time that I needed to write in my journal about all the things that I had learned over the year apart. So that's what I did. Didn't bother with the shower- just curled up with my bangs slicked back, no make up and sweats on.
My dad was planning on bringing over a pizza for Alex, it was already ordered so as I finished up writing he dropped by to eat with me.
Then there was a knock on the back door. I went to answer it and there he was. He couldn't take waiting the extra hours and rented a car! So much for planning to look pretty.
We've headed down to TN and stayed for a month in temporary housing. Now finally we are moving into our house on post, which is wonderful. We toootally lucked out.
We are slowly getting's rough with the boys. But it's coming around.

So, these are almost perfectly backwards. If it bugs you, you can scroll to the bottom and work your way up! :)

 Duke had his first haircut today. Al was ready to go nuts with the mullet....
Jensen took the video for us, as well as some great pics.

 Jensen helped me do some painting this morning.

 All the kids. With Jensen wrapping Duke in Kiki's leash. Of course. He has to be messing with him somehow at all times!
 Jence and I made lovebugs for Valentines Day. This is one he made on his own yesterday. So cute!

 Duke representing....

 Al and Duke reaching to help Jence up the slide. (At the park near our house. Walking distance. Love it.)

 Boys watching something to rot their brains. Something that has been happening a lot lately with all the unpacking.  Though honestly and in my defense, Duke doesn't usually watch.

Kiki being crazy Kiki.  Who curls up to sleep in the middle of the kitchen? When people are all over the place... nut.

 Jensen with his eyes clothes anxiously awaiting a surprise from daddy.

 Our new gym has some great stuff going for it- the boys love the pool.

 Jensen was thrilled to find his comic books from Chick-fil-A. So weird.

 Grandma Chrissie sent a sweet Valentine!


 Our house has tile throughout. And Duke just learned to walk, Sweetheart. The first day home Duke's face had a formal introduction to said tile.

 Ugh. Television... it's everywhere.

 This is our side-yard; with our friends in it. They are always here. Love it.

 At Grandma's house I heard Al's voice from the bathroom, "Babe? I made a mistake! I'm stuck" When I got there this is what I found.  He had thought that Duke's bath would be a good time to use the restroom. But D flipped and wanted out, so without thinking about it too hard, Al reached over and got him out. Then was stuck. But Duke was happy.

 I forgot to bring Duke's crib to Grandma's so this was his nest... worked really well...

 Jensen and Uncle Terry playing "BIG Angry Birds" on Raine's iPad.

 Sweet Kiki- Duke loves you, I swear.


 Duke freaks if you go to the store and don't get this cart...

 Feeding the geese.

 This is the face that Duke made at me the other day- essentially, "yeah, that's right, I did it, and what are you going to do about it?" He learned it from Lizzie...

 How to watch a movie.

 How to play Angry Birds.


 I did another bridal show the day after we pulled into town. It was hectic.

 Duke. On sale at Ikea.