Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Farewell Summer...

They aren't the best pictures, but this is Jensen's end of Preschool concert. That is him giving us a two handed show of excitement.  

I treasure the look on that little face, so excited to see his family.

The wave! Melts my heart.

 We had a bunch of new babies born in the beginning of the summer. They liked to use our pool as a watering whole, and we enjoyed the show in our back yard!

 We made marshmallow shooters one afternoon...

Which, as it turned out, was thrilling for Duke,

 because marshmallows are delicious!

 He wanted me to open the ammo bag...

 A moment before I got shot...

 I made three, supposedly for Jence, D and myself, but really because I knew the two neighbor kids would be over in seconds...

 And I was right.
We spent quite a few weekends this summer at Grandma and Grandpa's house in KY.  Jensen became quite the little fishy.

 A great perk for us is that Nate and Suzy Hicks live there, so we get to hang out with them!

 This particular trip was for the Fourth of July, aka, Pyro-mania.  It was SO hot.
Like, oh-my-gosh-how-is-my-skin-not-melting-hot. Here Duke is discovering poppers.

 Sweating through the fun kid fireworks.

 This is Jensen with fireworks... light it and
 Poppers are more effective when dumped on the ground and stepped on...

 Until your big brother comes and stomps on them before you can get them all.

 I'm pretty sure Duke was wiping the sweat off his head.

 And now the main event.

 Jensen joining the big boys for the first time for Pyro-mania.

 He was so excited- he held the lighters.

Jensen loooves him some sparklers! I almost forgot to get them- eek!

Part of the Grand Finale.

Jensen took a shiiiiiine to Aunt Cathy. He was none too happy to say good-bye...

Jake and Duke hit it off big time when Jake discovered all the fun tricks you can make this little chihuahua do.  :)

My mom once told me that you tend to like people who like your children. I like Jake.

 Back at home- Duke discovered watermelon in slice form.

 Oh yeah, there it is.

 You have to stop?

 Summer with the neighbors.

 Summer with Daddy.

 There is a little river near our house...

 Duke likes water.

 Jensen likes finding little treasures (that are disgusting and wind up in weird places in my house).

 Oh look, Momma was around this summer too...

 Jensen gets excited... this bout was for the successful construction of the birdhouse that Grandma Chrissie gave him for his birthday.

 "Piii-er Man"

 Jes, Tony and B came to visit for a minute and we went to the splash zone.


Jensen is slightly obsessed with Basil. He says that he wishes Duke was still little and cute and not big and annoying...

 Good times at the PX.

 This is just a pic I snapped on my phone as I was leaving one of my weddings this summer... just thought it was funny...

 I was watching them drive away laughing the other day and got to thinking- how is it going to feel to watch them drive away in a real car when he's 16....

 Trying out the bike that may or may not now be waiting to be wrapped for his 2nd birthday.

 This is Jensen's super doctor, "with an apron, I mean a cape!"

 Making a stepping stone, that he loves, because it has crystals on it. For the mother of two boys there sure are a whole lot of rhinestones around my house...

 Another splash zone day.

 I think this is from the weekend of Jensen's party. Becky is a huge Duke fan.


 Oh, Duke and Kiki...

 He loves him some Kik.

 I'm pretty sure that she has resigned herself to this being her default seat in the car.


 Back in KY

I'm pretty sure this was a spider web...

The boys and I spent a week up in Cleveland. This is a little Kiddie Park near mom's house.

This is where Duke opted out. This picture does not convey the urgency of said opting.

Luckily they were the only ones on the ride so the girl stopped it so that I could get him off.

After that Jensen flew solo.

 The train was Duke-friendly.

 As was the carosel, but he will only ever ride on the bench. Never a horse.

 Momma and her boy!

Grandma and her boy!

 And back at home. Grocery shopping is SO fun with Duke. :/

 This is my life. Please take a moment to notice what I found (at this one particular time- this is in no way a singular event) in Jensen's room. This little set up includes; (clockwise) and eagle perched atop an empty juice box, a bunny hiding in cannon, atop a hot wheels carrier where also sits a turtle (named Cody) hiding inside a fruit snack wrapper, Spider Man's web, and finally, the funnel I made out of a bottle (which was supposed to be in a drawer in the kitchen) stuffed with a paper towel.
The other day when we took the garbage to the curb the recycle bin was very full, and my neighbor asked me if I had cleaned out Jensen's stash...

 And again to KY- did I mention that we are only three and a half "easy" hours away. We are weekend getaway people.

 Duke likes to "help" feed the fish. Grandma's a good sport.

 Sweet little boys.

 Grandpa took Al and Jence down to look for fossils.

 They found tons-

 Enough to completely fill up Jensen's pockets...

 Playin' at the park- an amazing moment of co-play.

 Duke discovered Jensen's old Super Man pjs.

This is Jensen's campground.