Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Dukling

Look at my sweet little boy.

This is one of the most "Duke" pictures I've got.

He has started laughing- a lot. It's so funny.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Long Alabama & Daddy

And here we begin another year of way ton of pictures on tons of blog posts for Daddy. So feel free to skip all the TMI...

Our new best friend is the swing we found for $40 on craigslist (gotta love craigslist- my next acquisition- a kirby vacuum- oh yes, you will be mine!)
This little guy loves to be held- and luckily he's not picky who's doing the holding, and glory glory hallelujah the swing does the job!

Saying goodbye to our wonderful midwife Melissa.

Our wonderful neighbors came out to wish us the best as we left. It was a wonderful place to live and we will miss having friends so near!
The picture is crooked because we let "Jensen's Honda" take it.

On our way up north we got to stop by the Hamner's house in NC. We only got to stay a little while but we had the most wonderful time! (If you ever get invited to stay at their house be sure to go, it's five star all the way!) It's a blessing to have them in our lives, we love them so much!

We had so much fun- I miss having Jen around. (Doesn't she look great?!) I had this picture further down the post but I wanted to point out the similarity between this picture and the one above it. Can you guess who's kid is who's??

Jence and K showing their jammie feet.

Alex is always a fun jungle gym. (See K wrapped all the way around his leg...)

This is right after a good jumping session.

My little squish at Grandma & Grandpa's house where we went to celebrate Christmas.

Making snow angels in the living room on Christmas morning...

The fun begins.

Oooo! Santa is so cool! He brought Jence a huge Toothless!

Wrapping paper pom-poms...

The anticipation...

Here it comes...

Look at him go!

And another favorite- a little people farm...with lots and lots (and lots) of fun little pieces...

This was (obviously) Duke's first time getting a stocking (which I made last year with the rest of the family's but just left blank, not knowing when who would be joining us). These are also his first Christmas Eve jammies.

Duke's first red present from Santa!

I love this little smirk here.

Yay! Socks! You always have to get socks in your stocking! (hmm. ironic.)

Santa also found this fun little toy the Jensen loved playing with at Kennedi's house when they were little- so he got one for Duke!

He looks trilled, doesn't he.

After DC we headed up to Cleveland to get us all settled in (not that I've even gotten around to unpacking yet...)
And here is Jensen, who for the first time asked to hold his baby brother!

Love it.

We took some family pictures the morning that Alex left for Korea.

It was a little chilly...

Passed out with Aunt Flimsy.

Such a cool dude. Takes after his daddy.

My cute little boys.

The Garner's came up and saw lake Erie for the first time. (And it was a perfect day for it- because it usually looks just like this- all white, sky& water- all white).

Hehe- why do I think these crying pictures are so funny.

Aaaand here are the big guns. This was my life for the last few weeks. I bought a space at the bridal show at the I-X center (the big exposition center in Cleveland) and it consumed my life.

This is Lizzie's little friend who came to help.

Liz and Ma & my dude waiting for things to pick up...which they did, big time.

Bringing Duke was a last minute decision, and he was so good!

The whole crew- we were sooo tired by the end! We got a lot accomplished and everyone was crucial to our success- especially dad.

The second day Becky and Jaimie brought Jensen to look around toward the end of the day.

Such a good boy! (With the bride sticker on)

My sweet boy...

Oh how embarrassing!

Waiting for everything to wrap up. He was so good.

Becky is a good entertainer.

The sweet lady in the next booth over gave Jensen her display of balloons when the show closed.
I've already gotten tons of business so all the hard work was worth it... hard work to qualify for more hard work....