Monday, September 20, 2010

Ode To My Boyfriend

Saturday was the last wedding of my photo season (phew!). I don't think I physically could have done another, so it was good timing. I think it was three weddings ago that I started dragging Al with me as my assistant. He's such a good sport, I know this is his faaavorite thing to do! (Especially during football season) So in a little song of praise to my sweet helper I'm showing him off.
Here he is standing where the groom will stand, letting me check my lighting. (And carrying my camera bag- it's worth dragging him out the door just for that!)

Luckily there always seems to be an extra table- so this was ours. After a few scarfed down meals I've found that we are officially part of the bridal party when it comes to being called to get dinner- makes all the difference for me, but then he has a looong time to sit and watch. When I finish a camera card I run it over to him and he whips out the laptop and loads up the pictures. He's learning so much about posing and spacing. He gives great suggestions, and I'm very impressed at how more and more frequently he sees a goofily placed arm before I do!

These two are nuts. They are posing for another picture while Al brushes off her dress. He's such a good helper! In his hand he has the wrappers for the fake mustaches that the bride requested be in some of the pictures (I'll get them on my website for you to see before too long.) and the "set list". He seems more and more confident about telling people where they need to be. I love it! I love him.
Thanks Baby!