Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monsieur Jensen goes to Paris

No matter what we do this child will not keep his head up in the car, or even let it go to the other side. This is of the kids on the car ride there.

We just stuck blankets on the floor for Jence to sleep on, but when we came back after sightseeing the first day we found that the maid had made him a cute little nest. She had eliminated a draft by putting a sheet over the railing of the loft, another one on the floor under the blankets which she folded all nicely. She also folded his jammies on top. I decided that the fame of the French maid was well earned.

Jence didn't actually see a whole lot of Ol' Par-ee

The ancient dad and the modern dad...

We toted our critters with us all through Paris on the Metro.

Jensen on the lawn of the Louvre with the Musee Orsay and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Jes and Me at the Moulin Rouge

Al and Jence on the hill of the Sacre Cour overlooking the wet city.

Alex wanted this one on here, I can hardly look at it. I have a huge hatred of why I went down into the catacombs I'm not sure, though I always have had an ironic liking of cementaries... If you can see behind them you'll notice skulls and femurs stacked up.

Alex, Jensen, and me at the Notre Dame cathedral.

Alex and Jensen sitting (daddy's favorite parlor trick) on the lawn at the Louvre. This was after one of the maaaany times we called time out to feed little mister. (this one was after the meal on the Seine and before those by Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower)

Here's the whole crew in front of the Eiffel Tower at twilight. Every hour on the hour it would start to sparkle with thousands of little lights. It was a really nice evening. We were quite the hit with all the sightseers on the lawn with our two little critters.


Heaphraim said...

I love your blog!!! Keep up the pictures! Jensen is adorable. We can't wait to meet him! Love you guys.

maryLou said...

What ya doing in Paris?
Looks like fun.
Can't beleive a one month old can sit on daddy hand like that, too cute. Send more when you can
Love, Grandma G.