Sunday, September 2, 2007

Our Trip to NC

Here are a few more from Labor Day...

Of course Jensen and Isabella had to have a formal photo shoot.

One of the funniest looks I've seen...

Mister in his "What-delightful-insight-I never-thought-of-that" pose.

And for all you Kiki fans out there. Max was nervous around the dogs when he arrived on Saturday, but by Monday morning...

We spent Labor Day weekend at Paula and Isabella's house in North Carolina. Ephraim, Heather and Max met us there. Here are two of the moms and the proud uncle (who is so cute with his niece and nephews) with the chillens- who have a shared enjoyment of fist sucking.

Here is Jensen laughing at his uncle Jake.

Can you tell we're related? This is Jence and his cousin Isabella (who is twice as old as he is, and a fraction of the size.)

Jensen and Isabella became fast friends, what with their mutual interests (an affinity for batting at hanging toys and the aforementioned fist sucking), and common size, though Izzy did need some alone time to pursue her independent venture into teething.

Cousin Max is becoming a pro at "smooching"- Jensen has yet to figure it out.

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gma chrissie said...

I am thrilled to see your love/focus/interest/excitement for this little darling. Inspiration for me! Laughing here at the library with tears in my eyes!