Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Revelation!

Everyone has always said that Jensen is a carbon copy of his daddy- which I love because, well frankly, I think the man is incredibly good looking. But today my mom pointed out something that made me so happy! She mentioned that she thought that he looked like me- but we couldn't remember because we don't have any pictures around of me as a child due to circumstances beyond our control. But I remembered I have a few saved on my computer and we pulled them up. And look! He does! My baby looks like me too!

He he!


Jen Hamner said...

Wow! He really DOES look like you!! I love seeing your baby pictures....Now I want to find some of mine.

Laura said...

hey sara, it's laura. i was going to email you, but i don't think the email address your grandma gave me is right. will you drop me a quick note and make sure i have yours right? i'm glad i got to come to jenson's party... can't wait to catch up :) (