Friday, December 26, 2008

A Holly Jolly Christmas!

This is Jensen sending everyone a Merry Christmas!  I had a terrible time with the pictures from our vacation and I swore I'd never touch them again... and though I have repented and started work on them I haven't been able to get myself to finish up- SO, I thought I'd put up the Christmas post first!  
Here's Jensen coming in on Christmas morning in his new jammies.
This was supposed to be before the last one- You can see Jence trying to get into the living room.
Happy boy
Jensen liked to open his presents...once or twice...
Then we had to tell him that every present was a truck to get him to sit down and open it.
working on it...
And "ooooh" this one really was a truck!
There is video on youtube of him imitating the noises of the truck.
Cars from Roswitha
All of us.
Nicholson opening the present we got him, Santa found him here too.
Jensen helping Daddy open his grill.
Jensen got a keyboard with a microphone from Santa- he knew what it was when he saw the box, and we couldn't get it opened fast enough for him.

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gma chrissie said...

I've been on pins and needles until I could see these photos--and it was worth the wait!