Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First of all, I am THRILLED to say that my website- my real live website- is up and running. Hallelujah! So, it's www.pixelinkphotography.com or click on the link on the right. Hooray!!

Al took Jence for a ride around the block in the firebird, which Jensen thinks is the coolest thing ever.

I think he liked being in the front seat.

My rare little cuddle moments. I love them.

Al and I were sick of toys everywhere with the little basket we had for them, so we went and got a big bench to make them aaaall go away- and now this is what happens... please note that there are still toys everywhere...

Jensen's new love is Mickey Mouse. Grandma Betsy gave him a DVD of Jack and the Beanstalk when she came last, and any time we let him he's glued to it. He quotes it all the time...


Laura Jansson said...

Bethany loves Mickey & the Beanstalk, too! She watches it ALL the time! Jensen is such a cute boy :)

Jess and Tone said...

yes he is! i miss that mug. cant WAIT to see yall so soon!! p.s. i have a question to ask jensen when yall get here.

usual-daily-life said...

Beautiful picture!!
Cute smille!

Good blog.

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