Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introducing Duke Danger Garner

Duke was born at 9:31 am on November 6, 2010 at Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, GA. He weighed a tiny (for us) 8 lbs 12oz, and was 21 in long.
And yes, Danger really is his middle name.
Here we are- the first family photo after Duke joined us. Jence was enthralled with his huge apple that morning- so you will note it is prominently featured hereafter.

The proud Daddy.

Jence was excited to meet "Baby Duke" but was an absolute no go on touching/hugging/kissing the new little friend.

I don't think he ever touched him that first day.

Ummm- think they are related?

Grandma Chrissie got to be there for Duke's arrival- which was wonderful.

Later that evening we got our first boy chill time in front of the TV.

This is the next day- the first time that Jensen touched him- with one finger, on the forehead.
See the joy...

And here we have a bunch of little shots of the man of the hour.

Jence brought him a moose to sleep with.

After what felt like a week (and was really only about 50 hours) we got to get ready to come home from the hospital.

I was expecting roughly two more pounds of baby, (he was down to 8 lbs 4 oz here) so everything I have is a bit oversized... hehe...


the.G.s said...

As I sit in the Garner family home in Phenix City Al I'm holding the "man of the hour" on my lap! What an honor to be here during this amazing time! Babies truly are love and this little guy is the best of all of it. He does the best job ever at being a newborn. And sweet through it all. Just for the record, he smiled the first time he met his big brother--a big grin from ear-to-ear. We all grin when we talk to Jensen!
Welcome Duke Danger Garner. I love you!!
Gma Chrissie

Jennifer said...

Hi Garner Fam! Every once in a while a post pops up in my google reader from y'all... When I saw this I had to write... Congrats on the new addition! He is beautiful!!!

Jess and Tone said...

i just found these after complaining about mz two measlz pictures...i LOVE IT! im so glad zou were able to put these up so soon... i love zou all and miss zou more than ever. i wish i was there. cold rainz craotia is cramping mz aunt kookie stzle. gives everzone hugs. i love zou.

Craig said...

Just a big grin across Gramps' face. So fun to see the new little guy. Can't wait for Thanksgiving when I can meet him in person.

Thanks for posting these wonderful images for all to share the fun.

Welcome aboard, buddy.


P.S. Hi big brother Jensen...see you soon!

Laura said...

Oh yay! What an adorable newborn! Mine always look kind of funny and squished and red...

I'm hoping to have just a month left on my end! I can't wait to hold my little bundle. Here's hoping for a little 8-12oz baby like Duke!