Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Day Of School

It's a bit unorthodox perhaps, but that's what we are- so, here we are, the first day of school. In February.

Jence now goes to Bay Presbyterian Preschool; and loves it.

He was so excited to go-
And just as excited about wearing his "pack-pack".

Duke. Hehe.

Jence...sigh. What a nut.

We went to Dave and Buster's with mom and her boyfriend.

Duke loved it...

Jence spent almost all of his money on ski-ball- and wouldn't even look at anything else- very Jensen of him.

He started out a bit awkwardly with some quite a few haphazard throws (some behind him...)

But by the end I was impressed with how well he was doing! He even had good form.

Then he found these car racers- and stayed there.

And since no one else played with him he won every time!


Jen Hamner said...

Ummm, love him! Me, Jensen, ski-ball tournament!

Anthony said...

ski ball is always my fave, too. Me, Jensen, Jen, ski ball tournament.
Five more sleeps til my garner boys!!!!
and p.s. when this says from Anthony- it's jessie. obviously.