Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jensen's Special Day

At Jensen's preschool they do "special" days instead of birthdays, so that everybody gets to have a day, including all the summer birthdays, like Jence. Jensen had been so excited for his day to arrive- he told me he couldn't wait to bring in his snack and to do all the things the special day person gets to do, and (this was my favorite) to have me come to school with him and introduce "Sara" to his class and his teachers. So the day arrived and I got to go join Jensen in his class.

The first duty was that of flag holder- it was serious business. He called me out while taking pictures because I didn't have my hand over my heart.

Next is the responsibility to check the weather to report the conditions back to the class.

According to Jensen it was "cloudy, windy, sunny, and coldy."

This is Jensen's thinking hard face.

And during the days of the week song he got to hold onto the day-

And up it goes!

According to Jensen one of the best things about one's special day is being line leader!

Activity time upstairs.

Here we see kids "firing" Jensen and he is putting up his shield.

Fire deflected again- phew.

Playing on the "clomper- stompers"

I loved watching him interact with all the other kids. His input was much sought after.

Crazy kid show-boating down the slide.

Yay for being line leader- (he and I take turns being line leader at home, per his whims.)

Such a good listener.

I  loved seeing him raise his hand and answering questions.
Their names are always in the same place, so he always sits next to Charlotte and Maddie and is a "green triangle".

Coincidentally the letter of the day was J- he is practicing writing the letter on his hand.

He got to put his name up on the felt board.

At first he was a little confused at first about why there was a G in his name. He knows that there is only a J and Es and Ns and and S...

Carefully placing the embellishments.


Singing "Happy Special Day dear Jensen"

The cash register station was a popular place.

I've peeked in the window before and seen him busy in the play kitchen like this- he is usually daddy, "and Lily is always the kid, and someone else is the mom."

"I'm getting cupcakes for somebody"

"I got the salad for somebody" (Jensen is sitting on my lap while I type. He didn't like all the un-commented upon pictures)

He almost always comes home with a craft that he is very proud of.

"I love making crafts!"

You have to write your name on the back first.

His name is usually the appropriate quantity of letters in an ever-changing order.
Though just in the past few days it has started to resolve itself... sigh.

I have noted- and his various teachers have confirmed that he is always chattering at them.

He carefully pained the stripes on the candy cane...

Then it goes in the tub... (which is genius in my opinion! I have already lifted the idea...)

and then it gets sparkles on it!

Lots of them. Jensen has an afinity for sparkles. He loves them. His teacher told me that she put some glitter in the play-doh the last time she made it for the class and thought to herself, Jensen's going to love this! And sure enough, the very first time she brought it out Jensen was the one who said, "There are sparkles in the play-doh!!"

They were making a hand print wreathe.

Jensen thought it was very funny and tickley that his teacher was painting his hand.

The other favorite part for Jence was bringing his snack of choice and getting to divvy it out for everyone. I love this picture because it's how he usually looks-- talking to the teacher.

The teacher told him to put three oreos on each paper towel, but Jensen said no- that three would be too much for their bellies and they would get a tummy ache and need medicine, so he would only be giving out two each. And so they each got two.

When he finished he rejoined the group for singing time (and practice for the sing-along which I will try to post soon).

I got to join Jensen's table for snack (where I realized my choice of tangerine juicy-juice (which is light colored, therefore not as bad for juice-staches and shirt drips) combined with his choice of Oreos produces a rather interesting cacophony of taste).

He declared his special day a big success- as did I.  I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

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gma chrissie said... fast he is growing up. Oh baby mine! That's an understatement! Found a pic of Duke sitting on Jes's lap in Huntington when we had the Memorial Day hobo dinner picnic last May. Hahahahaha! Okay, so maybe it wasn't Duke...but it was a Duke look-alike! And maybe it wasn't last Memorial Day....sigh! Good reason to stay in the now so we don't miss so much. You've got you some beautiful men in your life. I thank you for them sweetheart!