Monday, April 30, 2012


We found a U-pick strawberry farm super close to our house (which is fabulous because while it is fun to pick- it is NOT fun to drive home forever after picking!)

My little strawberry man. He is such a sweetheart.

 Can you see that mug? He's giddy.

 It was all he could do to look at the camera- he wanted to dive right in.

 And speaking of diving!

 This little man was ready to eat strawberries. And eat he did!

 I know you can't see his face- but I know what he looks like- and he's excited!

 I think he was really jazzed that these amazing snacks were just growing on plants- and low plants at that; ones he could reach!


 Oh the deliciousness! Note Jensen in the back....

 pick pick picking....

 My strawberry boys.

 Trying to get a picture around the eating! There are about 10 of these....

Best we got...

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