Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jensen's Dino-Splash!

Here it is- the long awaited Dino-Splash.

Like unto with Duke's pond cake, I am happy to report that I believe I am finally loosely grasping what I can and cannot do. I get grand cake ideas, but the blasted things take so long to make and then I'm left scrambling (even worse). Ergo, the cupcake tree. You will see it again my friends...

Of course I couldn't control myself and had to do two different varieties. And we just won't go into how many different recipes I tried in the weeks proceeding the party.

Dinos, dinos everywhere.

All the attendees (Jence, D, B, and Jence's friend Parker) got a Dino-towel and the much loved Dino-sippy (at least much loved by D- the kid hasn't put it down since the party...though half the time he's sprinkling water all over my Walmart tile floor them flipping out because he can't move because he will slip and fall if he does...)

Out back at Grandma & Grandpa's house. If you've never been there please come join us next time... (I would say D's #2, but then the pool will be closed...) It's always been the best party place (and there are always plenty of people to support my psychosis).

Duke seeing the bubbles...

Jensen seeing the cupcakes....


oh, this is good stuff...

Best. Day. Ever.

The towel was a big old hit with Jensen.

Taking the party to the pool.

Jence and Parker (who is the son of Suzy, who I love and adore, and Nate, who I have been friends with since before I can remember- his mother and mine were best friends when we were little-bitty) joined together to fight the reign of Godzilla.
They were victorious.

D doing what he does best. Spraying/sprinkling/spitting water on someone.

This is Grant, Parker's brand new little brother. What a sweeeet little man.

A disclaimer; I realize now that perhaps the party coordinator/ mother of the bday boy, should not also be the designated party photographer. So this is an official apology/chastening of those I love who attended this soirée; I did not get pictures (especially not good ones) of everyone. Blast.


He likes it.
So they keep going.

Duke is always so happy... as long as you are entertaining him in some form of water and there is no division of your attention.

Jensen helping Parker get his dino-nose on.

These pictures crack me up because you might as well be looking at a picture of Nate and me from 25 yrs ago...

Look at those little smirks.


Uncle Terry and Duke, who he calls BamBam...apt...

These two do so well together- it's super fun.

B! Or as Duke says every time he sees a picture of her- "Bee-Duh"


Raine, Terry and the boys, playin' it up! It was such a great day!

Look at that form!

Keep away from Terry...


Grandma Chrissie and B. (I got her that swimsuit- isn't it great?!)

This was done over and over and over again- the tandem jump.

See- the faulty photography system made this picture blog worthy, as it includes Mom, Raine, B and D.

This is the first step of the Duke Shuffle. This pose then with the bum leading the way he starts grooving- in one direction.
Watch out- he's a jumper.

Phase 1: loving the balloon.

Phase 2: smashing the ballon out of the way.


Moving on to the pinata/dino-egg. (And our first glimpse of Grandma Betsy- who we were excited to have join the par-tay! Again- people, pick up a camera, do I have to do everything?!)  ;)

Big swingin'!

Check out Suzy's mom instinct in the back.  :)

Parker's up

Then D!

So proud of himself.

Two things; look at those eyes shut tight- hehe, the power swing! And #2- Dad's debut in our party documentation- and he's taking pictures- um, finally.  (We all know I'm kidding right?) Besides, in all his pictures I'm standing directly behind the egg so it looks like Jensen is beating an egg with legs.

Basil's turn!
Aaand the final blow!

Kind of.

It was a pretty groovy stash...

Everybody reporting back on their finds.

Then the egg hatched a B.

Come on. Isn't that face ridiculous. Al says it should be illegal- that it's like stealing, cause you can't say no to a face like that.

The boys went on a fossil hunt.

Found one!

Break it with a stick? No....

Throw it against the pavement? Nope.

Just break it open.


Found another one.

Suzy joins the expedition...

That is the face of anticipation. I really don't think that there is anything more exciting to Jensen than the Happy Birthday Song- and when his name is in it, oooo watch out!!
(Ichi's first picture...)
There it is...


He got them all- don't worry.

D found the candles.

Concentration face.

Present time.

Still going...

Time to switch...

Oh, there's Gramps again.

Bubble gum Dino-baby.

Uuuuncle Tony.

And that's a wrap- and I'm going to bed. Hope you enjoyed my type-os!