Friday, January 25, 2013

Duke Turned Two!! (a while ago...)

In November Duke turned two!  Aunt Raine calls him a Force of Nature so we had a "D FORCE" birthday party!

 We did it at Aunt Raine & Terry's house in Louisville, which was SO nice of them to let us overrun!

 I made each Duke, Jensen, and Parker a logo, and put it on a shirt and cape for each of them.

 Jence was excited.

 The boys were glad to show off.

 They look pretty "super" right?

 Much to Terry's chagrin, Duke's favorite thing to do at his house it throw rocks in his pond. Shhhh!

 Other fun antics in Terry's landscaping.

 More posing.

 TWO! And more than thrilled to blow out his candles.

 I think this is Jensen not being happy that he doesn't get candles.

 And here is the cake eating sequence.

 And now Jensen gets his candles.

 Jensen and Parker found a nice little nook to eat all their treats.

 Another one. But just the frosting.

 We got them each a nerf gun to shoot the bad guy balloons.

 Daddy demonstrating.

 I was planning on posting more pictures of this part, but they are on Becky's computer and she won't get them to me. So the end of January is long enough to wait. ;)

And the boys with Becky and Niki.

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