Thursday, November 8, 2007


Jensen was a turtle for his first Halloween.

Alex and I had a longstanding joke that we would dress the two kids the same for Halloween- I couldn't not do it. So we had two turtles.

He wiggled around until he upended himself on his shell.

Tow turtles on the road for candy.

At house #4 Jence was officially done trick or treating. It was fun for me that he got to go around the neighborhood where I grew up- everyone was excited to meet him.

Jensen made out like a bandit, and was happy to be home.


Emily, Scott & Logan said...

Sara, I just found Kerrie's blog and then found yours too. I'm so excited to find you both! This is Emily Norton...(Ouellet) from Ohio, do you remember me? I just saw the cute pictures of your little boy. He looks like my little boy's age! We had a little boy in June, so he is just about 5 months now...anyway, you are welcome to visit our site anytime. It is Take care and we will view your site again - hope that's OK. :)
~Always, Emily

:: kerrie :: said...

I demand more pictures of Jensen! Will you be in Cleveland at all for Christmas? I'll be home from December 21st to Jan 5th -- I want to meet this little sucker!