Friday, October 26, 2007

Northern Trails

Jensen and I went to my sister's house to carve pumpkins.

The whole gang.

I don't know.

Jensen on one of the bunks of the Mayflower. I have since burned those clothes...

Jensen and Grandma Chrissie in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth MA.

After the Mayflower we went to Plymouth Plantation to "experience" life in the colony. Jensen found a homemade basket.

Some of the ladies from 1620. Don't worry, they wash their clothes once a month- I asked.

It looks like a cute place to eat, but if you're heading to Plymouth, you needn't bother. Though I like this lobster.

We saw Paul Revere's house in Boston

Jensen was so good through the whole trip.

Jence is starting to understand the need for Halloween.

The two of us at Niagara Falls.

Jensen as Yoda on the Canadian strip at Niagara. I wondered what the Pilgrims would say about the area- it's so gaudy.

We went whale watching in Cape Cod. We saw tons of them, it was really fun...and chilly...and wet...

Jence bundled up for his ocean adventure.

I decided to go ahead and feed him some cereal before bed because he had been waking me 3 and 4 times a night to eat- I was getting a liiiittle beat. This is his "first" feeding, ( really only a ceremonial first- he's already had chocolate, ice cream, cream cheese, bread, pretzel, and who knows what else thanks to grandma and his aunts.)we had no trouble with the spoon, by the end he was bouncing up and down and lounging at the spoon and the cup.

And soon he wanted to do it himself. I fear it's the beginning of the end.

This is the second time. We were old pros.

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