Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet My Daddy!

I'm a meeean dragon! Can't you tell?

This is my Daddy. He came to visit me from Iraq. He's a pretty cool guy, come to find out. I think he thinks I look different- but I think this is how I've always looked...

Mom finally figured out that I wasn't getting enough to eat- believe it or not- so my daddy got to help out.

I'm not really very interested in crawling, but standing up and bouncing is what I call a good time.

All three of us went down to Williamsburg to have a fun time as a family. We got to stay for two weeks. We played a bunch- this was when Gramps and Aunt Jes visited and we went to Jamestown.

Look how strong he is! He can throw me and then even catch me!

We chill together- he's my pal.

Aunt Jes took her turn feeding me-

Gramps took us to Colonial Williamsburg in the snow and they stuck me in the stocks... I thought it was funny, I don't know why people complained...

When you need to eat, you need to eat.

I told dad that I'd handle umbrella duty.

Mom tried to leave me in this jail cell- it's the one where they held Blackbeard's crew. Dad made sure I didn't get locked in though- I knew it was a good idea to bring him along.

We have common interests- there was a big clock putting on a show and we both could have watched it all night.

I wanted to see Yorktown so I dragged them down there for the day. We got to eat in a super old house and they had crackers for me so it was a top notch meal in my estimation...

We got to go swimming, it was a little cold so I mostly just wanted to chill with dad.

So, my verdict is that I enjoy having a dad. He's a keeper!


.:kerrie:. said...

a-dorable. I love it!

Davis's in Deutschland said...

How sweet thanks for posting the pictures! Can't wait for this to all be over and we can hang in Germany again! Love you! Marianne

Grandma G. said...

Loved the pictures of "Meet My Daddy", it made me cry. You are the best picture taker. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us.
Love you much, Grandma G.

gma chrissie said...

I look at these pics every day...can't get enough! They help me feel closer. And I like the subtitle transition where Jence is the one doing the talking. Gives me my laugh-a-day dose.

Love you guys so much. Alex so handsome, Sara so beautiful, and Jence, the smartest little boy on the planet!!

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