Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jensen's Mug


Matt, Camee, and Ty said...

Sara, I just looked at ALL your pics!!!! I LOVE THEM!! and I love you and miss you!! I almost started crying at all the pics with alex home!! I'm so glad you had so much fun as a family!!!! Jensen is adorable and getting so big!! I can't even believe it! and you look HOT--as usual :) i loved the family pics you guys took at Christmas---seriously, adorable!! I'm glad you emailed me about your blog because I had a bunch of friends on my blog then i tried to change the background and everyone got erased. So slowly but surely i'm getting them all back---hooray!! so, where are you now?? Still in virginia?? I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!

gma chrissie said...

Man I love this blogstuff! We all get to feel like we're more in touch even though we're all so far apart in this big ol' world.

Love you guys!