Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Triiiip Out West

Jes tried to sleep, but it wasn't really possible with the mister awake....


Jence the trucker! He got to drive it at the....


Jensen at a Danish Windmill... in Nebraska?

I'm a bonafide Danish Viking!

The site of the first train robbery in the West! Jesse James robbed the train in Iowa.

Our favorite stop on the trip...a spider made of a Volkswagon! Jensen slept through it, but we got a picture with him in it anyway!

And another favorite site- A lighthouse in landlocked Nebraska.

Gramps and Jence in an old frontier street.

This is back in February, the first time he stood up on anything by himself.

We went to Arches National Park on our way up to Salt Lake. Here is Aunt "Kookie" with Jence on the "hike" up to the viewpoint.

Momma and Jence in front of the famous Delicate Arch.

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