Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Trip...Backwards

We stopped at only one landmark we deemed truly important on this cross country trip- yes, it does say the "future" birthplace. We stopped in Riverside Iowa, where Star Trek's Captain Kirk will be born in 2228. Jence cracked me up with this pose...

Here is our fearless explorer with the "SS Riverside" intended to look strikingly similar to the copyrighted USS Enterprise...

Here you can see his goofy teeth-

Four Generations. I wish I had had my real camera to get a better shot of this, oh well.

Our last night in UT we went to my Aunt's Ballet. She puts one on every year- it was amazing- she work hard and long for it and it paid off- She choreographed the 68 dances, chose the 250 dancers for them, designed costumes & sets, and chose the music for all two hours. Wow! Go Joan! (Here we are with her kids- Javan, Chirstopher, Amelia, Clara, and Hannah- the girls were wonderful!)
This is Shannon Hale, the author of the book (that happens to be one of my favorites) that the Ballet was based on. Se came to see it the second night and Jence got his book signed...okay, well, maybe it's mine.
She got him happy again- for a minute.

Our new sleep position. Bottoms up!

Our second trip to Thai Pepper- Jensen was getting antsy- and a picture (though not very good) of my RING! I dropped it off to get it polished and when I picked it up it had a third band. I sing praises to my wonderful, sweet, thoughtful, and who'd have thought- sneaky, husband. Love you Al.

Jence and I went to a hair removal clinic (come on- who ISN'T tired of shaving?) and while the techintion showed me around the owner entertaind the boy.

My dear, very pregnant, Dunners! Doesn't she look great- it was wonderful to spend time with her and see her so happy- can't wait to see the boy!

Here is the completed ducky quilt I made.

We had to hit J Dogs for Daddy! It was delicious.

Next we went to see the Hales. I can't believe how old Harvest is! She looks so much like her momma. Laura had just had her third a few days before we got there. So fun to see families we love getting bigger!

And speaking of getting bigger- Aunt Hayley (who is actually still rediculously small) is getting life prepped for her own new arrival. Gramdpa Ron claims it's a boy, but I'm still rooting for a prissy little girl- muah-ha-ha!

And speaking of girls- Jensen had fun at my cousin Emily's girls only house. He carried this pink purse for quite a while, only to be distracted by the Disney Princess dolls. How fun.

We met the new generation of cousins there, and I'm just kidding, he still prefered the boys stuff. Don't worry Grandpa.

We also got to see Marianne and the girls! They have already grown so much! I can't immagine how crazy it is for the dads "over there" to see this progression.
We had too much fun together-

Mica! We went to see Stacy, Ray and the boys- it was almost Kota's birthday so we had a par-tay. We brought twisty balloons that ended up all over. It was so much fun- Jensen, as always, enjoyed the attention.
Ray was aparently more interesting than the balloons...

Kota's (14th!!! Holy COW!) Birthday Cake.
I knew Jence was giving my arms a workout, but man. They didn't even seem heavy.
Stacy and Jensen.

Two buddies.

Boys and toys.

And more balloons.

Cruisin in Grandma Cleo's kitchen

He has been standing up on eeeeeverything, but sometimes it's still a bit of a struggle to make it up.

The first day out there we had to get Thai Pepper- so here we are with Sarah after dinner- as you can see she ate a lot. he he. (That's payback for shaking my Coke...) Look at Jensen's hand on her belly.

And finally- meeting Mel. She got a good long hug, and so naturally-

She squeezed his guts out.

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