Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Kiki and I went for our pre-bedtime stroll last night (late of course).

On our way home Kik took off into a yard- as she frequently does. (We walk without a leash- bad, I know, but she needs to run and we live way back off the big roads.) So- I continue on my way, and after a little way turn around and see her back there, sniffin' around, so I call to her to hurry up-and she comes bounding out of a different yard than where I had been looking at her...meaning the critter I had been watching was not my dog- but in fact was the skunk that my dad had informed me has taken up residence under the shed out back. So of course Kiki sees the potential new friend and jaunts right on over to introduce herself. It's dark out, so I can't really see what is going on, but I'm yelling at her to come to me. (Which anyone who has seen her chase squirrels knows is useless.) But she surprised me by leaving the critter and coming to me rather quickly- hissing and wheezing... oh no.

At first I thought that nothing had happened- I couldn't smell anything, which I still don't understand. But she started freaking out, rubbing all over the grass- and then the smell hit!

So thank heaven for internet, early bed times (for keeping babies out of the way while you clean up) and a dad who is willing to get out of bed to help!

I made the cocktail that was recommended the most online. Unfortunately she got sprayed in the face (being the same size as the skunk). Keep in mind this is all at midnight.

She had to sit with the solution on for a while- I felt so bad for her! She was shivering so badly and breathing like Darth Vadar. Poor little girl.

And the worst part- she haaaaaaates getting rinsed. Especially her face- presicely where she was sprayed. And it was so cold!

Aaaand- round two!

I ended up having to pin her down pretty tightly. She was trying so hard to get away from the water. I think, though, that seeing her struggling, not away from me, but trying to get into my arms, and how she was freaking out, but didn't even attempt to nip at me as I sprayed her down with freezing water on a cool night while her eyes were stinging and she was afraid of drowning, gave dad a new found respect for just how good a little girl she really is. (He, inexplicably, has never been a Kiki fan.)

And then I blew her dry because she had to sleep in the shed- ironic, since that is where Mr. Stinky lives- so I couldn't let her freeze with just a towel drying.

AAAnd... after all that she still stinks. And so do I...Lovely.

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