Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walker, Jensen Ranger

Okay- so there are only a few pictures of him walking- at the very end, but I can vouch that he is all over the place... On the move.

Mom now makes him wear shoes- but he gets frustrated that I won't let him do it himself.

Photo shoot practice.

I put these up mostly for Al. He loves houses- so when I showed up to take pictures of Lizzie pre- homecoming at a friend's grandparent's house I couldn't resist taking pictures of the facilities- aaaand, by the way, there was a Bentley in the garage and I MISSED it! I saw the garage door open and cars inside, but I was preoccupied with Jensen and was only informed of my missed photo op post facto by dad.
That's a piano on the balcony and a step down bar below it.

Front door.
Out back. (There was also a Tiki Bar, and a boat dock back there too.)

These two pictures are here in case anyone doubted the genetic link between myself and my little clone- er, sister.

Jensen (the life of the party) with Lizzie's (amiable-sometimes) ex-boyfriend, his good friend.

We went to Kentucky to see Grandma and Grandpa- we had a lot of fun.
Here he is, looking for something-

Op! There it is, a way up to the bed. Grandpa was impressed- he wanted Jence to teach Ichi (their dog) how to do it

Jence helped Grandpa fix the tractor.

And then went for a joy ride.

And speaking of joy rides. He decided it was time to drive.


Out back Jensen was all over the place. I thought this stair sequence was pretty funny, with all the spotters.

King of the Mountain
With a fence this kid could be happy for a lifetime.

Another favorite activity- throwing the ball.

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