Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Zoo

Jensen and I drove down to Akron, where my dad works, a few days ago to call him off work and go to the Akron Zoo. It's a small and very well maintained zoo, and we had a wonderful time.
Watching the penguins.Gramps had the camera and liked this leaf...hehe.

We only really got excited when we got to the snow leopard (who apparently has to live in the mountains so no one will know how feeble his roar is...)

Mr leopard came down while Jensen ate his Taco Bell- does that make me a bad mom?- to watch the other kids with him.

The ducks seemed as curious about this two headed monster as it was about them.

The turtle showed it's legendary wisdom by staying just out of reach...
Jensen thinks that riding on shoulders is an excellent time to practice the bongos.

Jence and Gramps by the sheep.

It's a bit hard to see, but he was very excited.

Three bald and one blind...

Taking a break in a frontier village for some grub.

Riding a frog.
Riding a caterpillar.
Riding the fence...

They had a wonderful Jellyfish exhibit, (which Jensen hated) and we got to pet starfish afterward.

And color...

And do the obligatory share gesture, which is always promptly followed my the "no, mine!" gesture...

Climb a rock wall...or at least look at a rock wall...

By the end he was ready to strike off on his own- yes, with no shoes, he decided earlier that they were unnecessary.

He did have to make some stroller pit stops for a drink.

And seeing how everything is better with a little pink in it, we rounded off our trip with the flamingos.

He looks thrilled, doesn't he? (He looks like his Daddy.)

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