Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town!

Look! We're a family!
Al got home on the afternoon of the 21st. I was so excited when I got the call- I was to be at the welcome home ceremony which started at 6 pm. Yay! I got dinner ready, I got Jence ready, got me all ready, got in the car at 5:15 for the 20 minute drive. I got there suuuper early, (for me) because I was so excited. 5:45 and I was ready to see my hubby! I'm putting Jensen's shoes on to go inside to the ceremony (he kicks them off eeeevery time we get in the car) and I hear, "Sara!" from behind me. Oh, don't worry, Alex was standing there with his bags waiting for me. They had started the thing a half an hour early, so I missed it. Entirely. I was noooot so happy, but then I was in Al's arms and the anger kind of subsided in favor of the wee bit of excitement at seeing him.

There was about three seconds of non overt admiration, then Jence had a new best friend.
(I am now the enemy...)

You should have seen Bruno and Roswitha arguing about the best way to hang this banner... oh Germany...

Playing from the get go!

So- Jence has figured out that you need a key to get in the door- so when he wants to get out he pulls down the key basket on the sideboard, finds the keys- any keys, and tries to get out to play. Very funny!
So theeen, when we get outside it's a whole lotta movin' goin on. Here is what we did today.

Playing in Roswitha and Bruno's apples, aka; "BALL!"

Jensen is proving himself to be German for sure- He stares at people...

He loves to garden...

(Karen taught him how)

And he drives a Volkswagen...

With a little help from daddy.

This little kitty came out wanting to play. It was hilarious! She would rub up against him and he would get all freaked out and try to get away, and she would follow, then he would go back to her and she would rub and he would start to panic- this is all very funny when you consider that one of his close personal friends is Tank, the 140lb rottweiler.

We had to go inside and throw the clothes into the incinerator so that I wouldn't sneeze to death.

Germans looove their creepy crawly things. Jence didn't really share her enthusiasm.

We had a missionary couple at our house the other day and they were quite impressed with what a busy little guy Jence is-

Always one thing then another. At least it's a whole lot more fun with daddy around. Mommy doesn't really even try to keep up, but for daddy it's a whole lot of fun!


Heaphraim said...

Welcome home!!! Looks like Jensen loves having his Dad back.

Matt, Camee, and Ty said...

HOORAY!!!! i'm so glad you are all back together!!! :) i love love love that first pic of the 3 of you :) Tell Al we say welcome home!!

ps---so you are in Germany??? ok i need that info please :) LOVE YOU!!!