Monday, November 3, 2008

The Monster Mash

Join me as I regale you with the eerie tale of ...
Halloween with a Rogue Giraffe!

It was a daaark and stormy (well, foggy) night (er, afternoon, but the sun sets at 4:30)

We took Jensen to - bum bum bum- the Ward "Trunk or Treat" party.

Our little Giraffe quickly caught on to the pattern that a simple, "Ch-chee" would get him candy! Knowledge which he put to much practical use. You know what they say- "teach a large herbivore to fish..."

He took advantage of his being cute and relieved John (Hamner) of most of his candy as we laughed at him putting it in his pumpkin.

Kennedi watched Jensen like a hawk, as usual, surely frustrated that she couldn't take her sock hop outfit on the road the road with him.

And then, when we thought all the danger had past and we had gotten to the happily ever after of the evening, there was a huge flash of lightning, and crash of thunder- and in that unforeseeable moment both of my boys were saying "more, more!" AND we had the official renewal of the"we need a big dog..." line of talk... my favorite.

On Halloween proper we went to post to trick or treat with Tristan. Somehow Jensen always seemed to have a sucker...

The Gibbs, all back together, so fun! Aren't they cute?

And here we start the documentation of our Jensen-esque evening. It started with a little ball, so he wouldn't hold his pumpkin...

Here we have my favorite sequence... Moms prepping the little animals

Thanks to high speed cameras we got one quick shot off of the menagerie.

And within half a second, Jensen is OUT. Typical.

Dad did a top notch job trying to keep him in trick or treat formation.

Oh, there's where that sucker came from...

I love this shot of his tail sticking out. He he.

The difficulty with keeping cadence with the group lied in the constant discovery of other children's toys...

The boys (we got a whole lot of eyes closed on that evening...don't ask me.)

Jence only distracted Tristan from his purpose once, but a slide is just too cool to pass up.

Nicholson gave Jensen some pointers on the best methods to hone one's candy collecting skills- number one being focusing...

He worked on said skills- multiple times with the same person.

And we were rewarded with the spoils...

Moving on to the normal everyday, here we have a little stinker.

Al fixed the table and was quickly joined by the rest of the pit crew.

Jence rockin' his leather jacket with daddy's boots.

Bath time phone calls.

He is having so much fun with Al around.

Mom doesn't typically think to do things like this...

He was so sure this was a fun toy for him, until I turned it on and scared him away. Yes, it would seem this is the first time my 16 month old has encountered a vacuum, let's not dwell on that...

So our story ends. I hope you have enjoyed the tale.
Come again soon!


gma chrissie said...

Just worked the polls and got home after a 5:15 am to 9 pm day. Fun and grueling until about three hours before close when I started feeling sick and achey--then it was just grueling. However, I came straight home and HAD to look at your blog to see what might be posted, and the reward lifted my spirits immensely. Jensen makes an admirable giraffe--"jiraffe." And will look at the pics time and time again until they are etched into my brain--cuz that's what I do. Next time, shot of Sara with the fam please.

Sarah Skarda said...

Such a cute little giraffe! Seriously, with kids this size, I think Halloween is my favorite holiday. Once they get bigger, we can move on to Christmas, but for now, nothing makes me happier than seeing little people in fluffy costumes. Love it!

Jess and Tone said...

Cutest sequence of my life. now look at me! ill add more later. give jence and al a kiss right on the mouth for me.