Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Dash of Everything

Here we have my favorite picture taken in Germany. For those of you who have been to our house- or I should say for Jes, Ma, and Boo- you know exactly which window this is. It is so characteristic of life here! Roswitha brought lunch out for Jensen while he sat on the ledge, and Vanessa (who turned 10 two days ago) brought him crackers from her house upstairs. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to live with these wonderful people.

That same day another neighbor took Jence down behind our house where she fed him every raspberry on the bush (there weren't too many ripe- don't worry.)

And played with the chickens.

The video of this is up on YouTube- listen for his little German clucking sound.

This is a misplaced Prague picture- I took it for Jes. That's an Oreo Madness, my friend!

Nakey time is not a usual occurrence in our home, so I'm a little fuzzy on how this particular moment came about...

Jensen manifests himself as tired by not being willing to leave his binky or puppy in the crib where they usually live. Here he is as the Alfa Male of his pack on one of those groggy days.


Jensen's first bowling trip was less than successful. He has a knack for minding everyone's business, but we got a few shots before it got ugly...

(Al is very proud of this picture.)

Putting on the cool bowling shoes.

We went to the Documentation Museum in Nurnberg on Saturday. It's a really neat museum in what once was Hitler's largest construction project. This was set to be a rally center- and as we learned that rallies were what gave Hitler his power, this place was pretty important. The museum is strictly about the rise of the 3rd Reich to power. Very interesting to see illustrated and narated step by step how he carefully took control of every facet of the government while cheering crowds understood nothing of what he was actually doing...

At the end of the museum was this picture of Nurnberg after the Americans had come in and liberated the camps and whatnot. Alex goes, "See, we always look like we're havin' a good time!" The man cracks me up.

Here is the courtyard, which was to be the main assembly hall.
This is the backside of the glass/steel projection that starts as the entrance way in the front of the building. It represents the german feeling regarding the nazi's and everything that pertains to them, ramming through the heart of their central building.

And last but not least- this was taken about an hour ago, when Jensen realized that the light switches in the hallway are at a perfect (or one could argue, not so perfect) height for him to reach! Luckily for my sanity's sake, the hall light switches are the only ones set at this particularly entertaining height, and as I spend little time standing in the hall, the disco tech atmosphere will have scant power to offend.


Alice said...

Sara~ I was just complimenting Paula on her pretty pictures and then came to your blog. Your pictures are stunning too! When I get ready to buy a new camera I will definetly contact you for info.

Jensen is adorable and I love his name. It looks as if you are having a great time in Germany. I hope all is well for everyone.

Our family is busy, busy, busy. I started a blog but then let it slide. I am glad the Garner's are blogging regularly.

It is nice to see pics and get updates.

With Love,

Alice (Alex's cousin from Idaho)

gma chrissie said...

Oh my WORD! I look at these pics over and over and over--and laugh/cry every time. Thanks so much for taking the time to put these on your blog! How did gmas make it before the internet!!??

I love you guys! Now I'll go looking for the clucking you-tube video. hehe. That sounds funny....

Jess and Tone said...

OREO MADNESS. UGH! freakin freakin stupid idiot fridays! im so jealous of you right now. by the way..im posting this comment because this is the millionth time ive looked at the saaame pictures...more more more!