Friday, January 23, 2009

Have A Ball Baby!

Our ball was a few weeks ago. Al and I had a really nice time.  Though he was glad of his time working with mentally handicapped guys in Provo- it provided the necessary training to get his friends to the car afterward... Here he is dancing with Daniel in Nicholson's hat- 

Here we are on the dance floor 

Katelyn, Brit, and me.  
I had really wanted to dance up a storm, and I did try, but only made it to a sprinkle- I forgot to bring a change of shoes- and ow!

They gave out a beer glass to everyone.  Brittany and I decided that since we paid 100 euro (!) per couple and they didn't even provide water for free (!!) we would just have to make up for it in product.  We each have a set of six glasses now...

Here we are all together. Us, the Gibbs, and Brian Nicholson (holding up the table's flower arrangements that he gave Britt and me...)

Crazy boys- mind you that my husband is the only one not drunk... and there he is in the middle of the "prom picture"...

Before we left.

"Now let me tell you 'bout my be-est friend..."
Jensen will be sooo sad in a few weeks when Tristan (Ti-tin) moves to Georgia in 2 weeks!

Luckily we'll be headed to the same place come July.

And here is Jensen in his "erster Schnee" (first snow).  It was our turn to shovel the walk for the house- and of course Al was at work- so Jensen came outside to help me do it!  I'm not sure it would have worked so well had Roswitha not come out to watch him.  What would I ever do without her?!  She also watched him when we went to the ball.  She is so wonderful! 

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