Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally Christmas

I am writing to the heartwarming sound of the American Idol theme music. Does anyone else just feel so happy when they hear that oddly not annoying annoying synthesizer sound?
Moving on.

Christmas morning! Jensen opened his fifty books. I swear it was so exciting... Look at my cute little family..

The first two matchbox cars had to be parked together upon opening.

Look at that concentration on that face. Grandma and Grandpa Garner sent Jence this cute little Melissa and Doug latch board. It's so fun... and a little concerning to note the facility which the little monkey opened them up...

Here is a favorite sequence... Watch the stance.

Check out that face. "Oh my gosh, this is soo awesome!"

Line em up.
The ribbon was a bit confusing...

And the stocking- with candy inside! "open it! open it!" Instantly what he says when faced with aaaanything new.

All in all a happy boy. (and I got a bird feeder! I'm ridiculously excited!)

This was my Christmas morning surprise. Apparently I let it rise a little too long. (It's bread in a bunt cake pan, if you can't tell... and I don't think I would be able to.)

My favorite part of this Christmas season (totally lamely) was when I got up from a nap and found this. Alex expressed his surprise that we hadn't put this together before; Jensen's new favorite move in the whole world is Tranformers.

Look at the forgotten hand just lingering there, ready for the emotion.

Oh yeah, there it is. How could we not have known- one of the main characters is a Camero! He sat there yelling, "Camero!" "Helicopter!" "Police car!" "Truck!" It was a good morning for Jensen.

As a disclaimer- Jensen was sitting in the empty tub while we bathed Kiki, then I went into the bedroom to finish packing for VA. I hear from the other room- "Uh, Babe, the water is kind of orange..." and I find my child sitting in this.

We have no idea why the sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of the ghostbuster water. No proton packs needed.

Here are a couple more pictures from Savannah. How could you not fall head over heels for that scenery. I adore Savannah. And I'm thrilled that Jence likes "Bella" so much and that Phil and Paula claim that they enjoy our company, so I get to go back again and again!

That is gummy bear stuck to his teeth.

So, here we have a picture of my craziness for today. Jence and I went to Target and got some big boy underwear this morning. We got Buzz and Woody (shown), Wall-E, Mr Incredible, Nemo, and Lightning McQueen. I've been telling him for a while that only big boys get to go sit on the toilet and that big boys don't have to wear diapers, that they get to wear underwear, etc. So after his nap we opened the package and admired all the new friends. He chose to try out Buzz and Woody. I told him that he needed to tell me if he had to go potty so that he didn't potty on Buzz! A few minutes later he told me he wanted to go to the toilet- and did nothing once he got there. Fast forward twenty minutes he starts yelling, "Oh no! Clean it up! Clean it up! Clean up Jensen's house!" So the wet spot on the carpet is currently drying, Buzz and Woody are in the laundry room with the rag that Jensen helped me clean up with, and Jensen is wearing a "baby diaper" per his request. Oh well.


Jess and Tone said...

heheheeee! this gives me the yoidles. i love him and his baby diaper butt. ugh, what a boy, what a boy!

.:kerrie:. said...

The humor of Jence wearing "Buzz and Woody" undies is not lost on me. Oh dear, I spend too much time with adolescent boys...