Thursday, January 7, 2010


After we went to Virginia- which I realize I have posted nothing about- we headed down to Savannah. And not alone! We rented a house on Tybee Island (which is fabulous) with Ron, Betsy, Hayley, Adam, Ellie, Heather, Ephraim, Max, and Ezra. Phil and Paula only live a few minutes from there so they spent a good chunk of time with us too. It was quite the exciting week with 6 kids three and under "playing" together.

Al and I were thrilled that Jence seems to have gotten over his beach/sand/water fear.

I think I have a thousand pictures to date of him showing me things like this, and I adore every one.

Seashells as shovels.

Daddy- always the educator.

hmmm. lovely.

There was a really fun playground on Tybee, which we only hit up once in the ten minutes between Jensen's nap and bedtime.

It was cold and dark, but little bodies don't seem to notice. Mine, being not so little, did notice.

There is a little aquarium near Phil and Paula's house that we took the kids to as a reward for their "cooperation" during our attempt at a grandkids photoshoot. I'll get the fruits of that labor up on my photo blog... someday...

The family all call Isabella Izzy. She and Jensen call her Bella. I find it an intriguing distinction. The two of them had a lot of fun together at the aquarium. Of the six cousins they are the closest in age- three months apart. They would run together to a tank, climb up, talk to each other about the fish and then high tail it for the next tank.

I love the tip toes.

Yay for the touch tank... Or at least Yay for water to splash everywhere...

Izzy, Ephriam, Max, Heather, Jence Ezra, Paula and Daddy- and you can begin to imagine the craziness of our trip!
Izzy inspecting Alex under the magnifying glass.

Looking at the turtles (though I think this particular moment was more about Jence and Izzy goofing around together on the railing).

We let the kids have a little picnic so they wouldn't die of starvation. Aren't we nice.

And playing again. This anchor was as much fun as the aquarium, I believe.

So all in all the cousins had a ton of fun.


gma chrissie said...

I had just a few minutes to get through these pics. Will savor them later...but the ones with Alex playing with the little ones CRACK ME UP!! Made me think of the outing last year to Kelly's Island and Alex and Jence were running full-speed toward each other looking like they'd collide head-on but at the last second Alex would lift a leg and all of a sudden be on the other side of Jensen. Kind of a leap-frog effect. Leaving Jence to look around like "where did he go?" Hah!Larious!! So fun to have all of those little cousins to play with. Okay all you Jensen people...get busy!! Jence needs some cousins on this side. Gotta keep up with the Garners!

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