Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Jensen said, like forever ago, that he wanted to be a pirate for Halloween- I totally thought that he would come to me at every change of the breeze wanting to be something different. But no. Mine is an elephant- or has the memory of one, and here we are, a day before Halloween at Boo at the Zoo- pirate with his trusty parrot!

 Come on! Hysterical!

 Flapping his wings. No joke- like I said hysterical.

 We went trick or treating in a friend's neighborhood- which was a great choice- we had tons of fun!

 Jes and Tony came to stay for a while and brought the newest monkey!!!! Look at the little B!

 Jensen is enthralled with his new little Basil and talks about her all the time. " I can't wait for Basil to be big!" He giiiiggled when he walked in to meet her.

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