Saturday, July 5, 2008

*Fourth of July*

Jence, Grandma Chrissie and I went to Crocker Park for their festival thing-a-ma-jig. They had a ton of classic cars, balloons, music, food, and SALES! Of course we were wearing this year's matching flag shirts.

Aaaand cookies make the world go round.

Helping himself.
He calmly let the lady take his fingerprints. They didn't turn out at all, but I think that must have been the quality of the ink or something, because he was astoundingly good.

In the evening we went to "Bay Days" to see the fireworks. It was fun to be in Bay with all the people and near the fair with the music and everything. Kerrie, Grandma, and Kiki came with us.

See the lights of the fair? And the smile? Cute little monkey.

Jensen's first fireworks! He really seemed to like them. (Kiki did not! I had totally forgotten her phobia...sorry Kik.)

Isn't that cute? (He has Kiki's leash in his hand. She was hiding under some lawn chairs)

Auntie Ker with us watching the "firecookies" as Becky would say.

Tired baby! We had to wait a loooong time to get out of the parking. Little monkey was so tired he couldn't even finish his cracker!


Roggia said...

You guys are too cute! We miss you! Also, you need to keep doing/posting more of your photography. I really enjoy looking at it! You are way too skilled for your own good, my dear!

Steph & James said...

Seriously, if you're not going to put little Jence in commercials....I am!!! I want to eat his face! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph & James said...

p.s. love your photography skillz 2.