Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Caught Ya! He does this from time to time. He refuuuuses to stand when you set him on his feet- but every now and again he grabs his giant ball (the kind from the grocery store bins) uses it as leverage to get himself up, finds his bearings, picks up the ball, and throws it- remaining standing for as longs as no one notices. Liz and I have seen it a few times, but he's always so sneaky, leaving me no time to get the camera. But not this time- I missed the ball (hence the Frankenstein pose) but I caught him standing.

This is Jensen's handiwork. The beginning of the rest of my life, I suppose. This is the first time he'd done anything like this- fine motor skills-wise. Made me laugh.

Aaand, for Daddy- here we are, life as usual.

Into this...

On to that.
Here a little-

There a little.

Shhh. Don't tell Aunt Kookie we were playing with her guitar... He was being so sweet and gentle with it, though- just strumming away.

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MKShelley said...

Careful letting him play with electronics...

Our kids have destroyed 1 cell phone, 2 i-pods, 1 laptop computer (that's right.. a computer), and lots of flash drives etc.

They like to throw them in the garbage after their done increasing their fine motor skills.

P.S. Alex, this is Melissa LaPierre from WAY back in the day in GA.