Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Jensen has been having a rough few days, just howling every time he fell over, etc- it started around Friday.  Sunday night I figured out that his wrist was hurting him and took him to the hospital.  They said he was okay and sent us away, then called Alex at work TWO DAYS later and told him that upon further investigation Jensen's arm was in fact fractured.  So, tonight we went to the Amberg hospital and Jensen got his first cast.

He was so so so good the whole time, he only got a little nervous and weepy right at this point, but was over it quickly when he realized the two people working with him were so nice.

I love this one- everyone is so intent on that little arm.

And when it was all said and done he gave Daddy some good high fives.

Bye-bye hospital- see you in a few weeks.


Jen Hamner said...

ummmmmm....I am freaking out! It is too late to call you but expect a call bright and early tomorrow! Holy COW!

Jess and Tone said...

heheheee. gooooober! that was a perfect header, by the way. "say i" "i" "broke" "broke" "my" "my" "arm" "AAARRM!" i need to play with him right this now. i miss yall more than anything.

Davis's in Deutschland said...

Poor guy! Cute pics though!

Justin and Emily said...

Hi, so I am just finding blogs and I happened upon yours. I am soso sorry he broke his arm, complete bummer. I also now know why you have been impossible to get ahold of...I love all of your traveling pictures and impressed 12 days and 1 duffle bag! did that include baby items as well?? Anyhow, I am not your VT anymore :( However, maybe we could come visit for one last hoorah this month. I would also love to chat about baby pictures, for my little bundle of joy. I hope all is well
Emily Bingham