Monday, February 16, 2009


On Valentine's Day Jensen and Alex woke me up with a surprise.  They brought in a wrapped present!  Now all who know this family's dealing should be well impressed with both those things! And hold onto your hat when I tell you that I had had no idea that Alex had even got me anything, and he had ordered it online, and it got there early!  AND it was the coolest little Coach make-up bag I have ever seen!  Since I use a ratty old bag everyday and leave it in the car he figured I needed a nice one-- especially if I was going to leave my stuff on display for everyone who gets in our car.  Happy Valentine's indeed!
Roswitha watched Jensen so we could go see a movie for the first time since Alex came home.  We saw Taken because that's the only thing that was playing and I had just read that it was good on Sarah Jo's blog.  Very good.  Not very romantic... but very good.  It was such a nice day.  Thank you Al, I love you too.

Here we have our first Family Home Evening fight!  Jence didn't want to stop playing to join us.

I figure it's the first of many times...

Daddy is good at persuasive arts, though.

See- all better.

We got Jence his a little bike.  It was a impulse buy at the grocery store, worth all 11 euros.

He can actually reach the ground on it so he can scoot it around. He loves it.

Washing around the cast... that still gets wet.

The Gibbs's left us a few weeks ago.  It was a sad day- but we'll see them again soon.  This is when they came over to say hasta luego!

The boys. Britt and I were having a no-pictures-please kind of day...

Why always upside-down...?

Inevitable contention...

And Jensen always gets his way...because he will pitch a fit and Tristan won't.

See- all's well that ends well!


Jess and Tone said...

i wish you could comment on individual pictures..because i have something to say about ALL of them. so here are the highlights.
number one: alex!! ugh! goooood job!! i am so super proud of our cant-ever-keep-a-little-secret-from-sara man! youre awesome!!
number two: that look while hes sitting on the bike is worth WELL over 11 euro. its completely a "this... (tear rolling down the cheek, tongue click) the BEST, day of my life, mom" everyone, please click on that picture to enlarge that face.
number three: why upsidedown? because they are al and daniel. the real live question is Why does Jensen look so surprised that he is upsidedown?
number four: oh. that face. i have never seen such a fit-pitching (wow, thats hard to say correctly out loud) face on that boy. and tristan is just "whoa, dude jence, here..its not even that big of a can just have it, man."
number five: when i took a quick look at that "triumphant jensen on his throne" picture, i honestly thought he was doing ballet. you go, girl! get those boys started early!

Jen Hamner said...

Ditto...everything that Jess said. Oh, and everyone must click on the bike picture because it exactly how Jess describes it!

Jess and Tone said...

i KNEW you would completely understand, jen. ::sigh:: where can i find a pocket sized jen hamner to keep? anyone? anyone?

Crockett Family Blog said...

its been way too long since i've blogged stalked!! so i feel like had so much of your life to catch up on!! First, you are BEAUTIFUL!! you look absolutely gorgeous! second, i'm so jealous you get to travel to all these amazing places...i wish i were there with you! third, poor jensen's arm!! how is he feeling?? i hope all is well with that---he is adorable by the way!! :o) fourth, i love seeing pictures of your whole family---all 3 of you!! you look so happy!! i'm so happy for you guys!! matt and i miss you and think you should move to NY this summer with us!! that's where we'll be you guys should come too so we can play!! :o) I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!