Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Jensen

We went sledding last week (down the landlord's unshoveled driveway). I tried to get Jensen to play in the snow, he wasn't going for it.

He didn't mind the first run down the hill when it went really slow,

But after the trail had been blazed the subsequent run was not happy. I didn't get a picture of the sad time, so maybe someday we won't even remember it...

Alex really doesn't ever remember shaving in front of Jence, but this is what happens every time he finds his razor...and why he is able to find it I'm still trying to work out...

Here we have Jensen brushing his motorcycle- I keep telling Al they require a lot of maintenance...
This is how Al puts on Jensen's shoes.

Last tuesday we drove Daddy to post to go to WLC (warrior leader's course...sounds cooler than it is...)  Jensen gave him a kiss, 

And said bye-bye. (for a month...Al wasn't thrilled about that, especially because he is in some barracks in the woods behind our PX and he can't come home the whole time... dumb.)

I also put up a little video on YouTube today. Ours are all under Alexgarner63.

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Jess and Tone said...

Oh my broken heart. You have captured the saddest face ever made in the world. please click on the first picture of him sitting in the snow to see what i mean. ohh that makes me want to rent a sad movie.