Thursday, August 27, 2009

All The Rest

Jensen loves the tractors that Grandma Garner sent him when he hurt his forehead. (Thank you so much Grandma- I'm a lazy bum for not having written to you sooner!) He cracked me up the first time I saw him do this- see how the tractor is tipped backward?  He makes them "moo" like cows and tips them like Mater and Lightning do in Cars. Always something new.

Bath time.

We went to Savannah to see Phil and Paula bless their new baby William.  The big boys went fishing and Daddy caught a big shark... he was very proud of it...and I went shopping while they ate it.

Jensen and Izzie playing around the dock.

Cousin hugs.

After the fishing we all got to go for a spin- which Jence liked for a minute.

Especially since crackers were involved.

But when the speed picked up to more than just idling he preferred to do his cracker eating in the cabin.
And then came the hoarding.

And then there were some big bumps and this is where we ended up as we pulled into the dock. 

Jensen's first foray into the sprinkler.  He loved it.

Al thought it was pretty funny.

Cool dude with his sunglasses and shopping bag. And the color of my front room...after much you can see-

This is me trying to find a color for the bathroom... the one I chose is in there somewhere- and I love it.

Jensen in his water wonderland in our backyard.

Aside from the fact that this action ended in my clean laundry all over the floor, it was comical.

Basketball in the street out front.

Three's a crowd apparently... but necessary when dealing with little non-sharers.  These are the boys that live next door- and their much coveted mustang.

Kiki at nap time.

Jensen is officially learning to drive.
That's our house spewing boxes from the garage. They may or may not still all be there...

We went to Brittany's dad's houseboat for the fourth of July.  We had an absolutely wonderful weekend, surrounded by such wonderful people.  Jensen got it into his head that JD (Britt's dad) needed to have every single beanie baby in his lap.

He and Betty are great people.

Daniel was jumping off the top of the boat-

It was very exciting for the boys...

Jence and Kik... always Jensce and Kik.

While we were in KY a while back we got the grand tour of Papa John's campus.  We had a wonderful time!

And I'm all caught up!


Deanna said...

Thanks for posting to remind me to send you an invite to my blog. It was so fun to see you. Such a small, small, world. Hope to hang out next time!

Jen Hamner said...

Dearest Sara
You have just brightened our day! I love seeing that little man getting so big but hate that we are missing it! Can't wait to see you in a month or so!!

Jess and Tone said...

okay. here we go. this is a favourite blog which means many comments.
a. that is a huge shark! freakin awesome, al! we went shark fishing last weekend and brought home a little guy, enough for about 20 fish tacos (which were oh so FAAAABULOUS and if al has anymore shark i'll give him recipes he will LOVE) but the captain of the boat caught a 5 foot bull shark! it was giiiiant and so cool.
b. the hoarding picture...who put David in jensens clothes!?
c. i'd take six loads of clean laundry on the floor for that picture..holy hilarious!! and that face. ohhh goodnessss.
d. the three boys in the mustang all with their shirts off..hooowwww adorable. and again, jensens face is freakin priceless. looks like a little bully.
e. the look of concern to see his buddy's daddy jump OFF the boat! love it. its like itchi when you go off the diving board. but not nearly as annoying.
f. almost. peed. my pants... i mean i knew that hes his new favourite grandchild, but IS GRAMPA HOLDING ALEX'S HAND!? i had to click to enlarge the picture. ohhh what a sight that would be. that made my week. oooo and what a hottay alex is with his 7:00 shadow, OW OWW! bow chica bowwow!

gma chrissie said...

Oh Dear!! I see my Dad is finally going 78! Must be a record of some kind. Are we gonna see any NC wedding pics? And btw, I think that Ki-Ki is parked on Alex's shoulder--looks like it to me.
And the mustang pic--never thought I'd see a shot where it looks like Jence is odd-man-out; hangin' on for dear life there!