Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Memorial Day and some kisses

So, here we have a post that is completely backward because I wasn't thinking about it and this is what happened.  That's what happens when you take too long between posts...
So this is on our way home from a Jensen family Memorial Day on Kelly's Island.  When your little 35 lbs monster becomes tired dead weight you have to find creative ways to transport him.
Playing with daddy.  

Here Jensen is giving Al a piggy back ride.

He loves daddy's sunglasses...

and is so cute with them, but it made daddy too nervous so they were soon taken away.

Hugs for momma- I looove hugs.

Playing with aunt Boo.  Throwing the rocks that  they collect again and again- 


All of us at lunch on the beach- except mom, who was taking the picture.

Sulker. But so cute...

Jensen got to drive the golf cart.  For quite a while. And he loved it.

Though he posed for me in the backseat a lot.

On our way over to Kelly's Island. Mom, Liz, Boo and Jamie took the ferry time to be a little crazy...
Earlier in the day we went to see the parade in Bay. And look, we are all together! See Kiki down there?

He loved clapping for everybody.

We went to Virginia Beach with "Grandpa and Grandpa". Jence was never quite convinced that he liked the sea or the sand. But there were a few good moments.

See, here is the not so happy face, not sold that the crab was that interesting.

At the lovely guesthouse we stayed in... Jensen loved the coziness while watching Nitro Circus. Yes, Nitro Circus...

Luisa and Jence right before we left for the guesthouse.

So long, farewell... so cute. (though Kennedi may be feeling thwarted...)

"Hand Kiss" to Vanessa.

Roswitha we love you and miss you!!!


Jen Hamner said...

Kennedi is okay with it. She said that they are too young to get into anything serious, but she does miss those Jensen kisses ;)
Love you all!

Jess and Tone said...

hehehe. good for you, kennedi. play now, get serious later. 37 years later.
cah-yooootest pictures. LOVE them.