Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

We got to celebrate Jensen's 2nd B-day in Kentucky with Grandma, Grandpa, Raine, Sashi and Daddy!
He blew out the candles all by himself.

And opened his present.

A helmet?

But then daddy brought out the accompanying part...

A "bi-sigh-kul"!

Let's ride!

Though not without the helmet...which meant a bit of a struggle...

But SO fun!  Aaaaand that was the last time he rode it.

Cake cake cake. We love us some cake...though I don't know what this face is all about...

This is me trying to show just how cool the helmet really is.

"Rockles!" better than bikes, I guess.

Then in Cleveland we had a little party at Chuck E Cheese. Jensen loved the tunnels.

He stayed up there for so long.

Liz and her friend played a whole lot of ski ball (After pretending that everything was too young for them...)
Originally he wanted me to come with him.

Jence and Mr. Cheese himself.

His favorite part of the afternoon was putting his tickets in the counting machine.

And the party was a success; we left with a spider a sucker and a smile!


Jess and Tone said...

and who KNOWS why he didnt think the helmet was cool after seeing you in it? silly kid, that jence. wish i was there :(

Jen Hamner said...

I really wish I was there too... I share Jess's :(
Oh well. I suppose I need to come to terms with the idea that I can't be around for every major milestone in my favorite 2 yr. old boy. *sigh* Miss you!

Jen Hamner said...

ooh, P.S. to both Sara and Jess... I have come up with Kennedi's second birthday theme! Text me and I will fill you is GOOD!